Species Card of Copepod
Monstrilloida ( Order )
    Monstrillidae ( Family )
        Cymbasoma ( Genus )
Cymbasoma tumorifrons  (Isaac, 1975)   (F,M)
Syn.: Thaumaleus tumorifrons Isaac, 1974; 1975 (p.3, 7, 9, figs.F,M); No Cymbasoma tumorifrons : Suarez-Morales & Alvarez-Silva, 2001 (p.184, figs.F, Rem.)
Suarez-Morales, 1999 (p.67, Redescr. M, figs.M, Rem.); Suarez-Morales, 2002 (p.90, 95, Redescr.F, figs.F); Vives & Shmeleva, 2010 (p.169, figs.F,M, Rem.)
Species Cymbasoma tumorifrons - Plate 1 of morphological figuresissued from : E. Suarez-Morales & C. Alvarez-Silva in Pacific Sc., 2001, 55 (2). [p.188, Table1].
Comparison of Type Specimen of Cymbasoma tumorifrons (Isaac) with the Mexican Specimen C. guerrerense

Compl. Ref.:
Grygier, 1995 a (p.77)
NZ: 1

Distribution map of Cymbasoma tumorifrons by geographical zones
Medit. (Toulon, Aegean Sea: Emborios Bay)
N: 4
(736) F: 1,03-0,76; M: 0,95-0,69; (829) M: 0,93-0,7; (876) F: 0,76-1,03; {F: 0,76-1,03; M: 0,69-0,95}
Rem.: For Suarez-Morales & Alvarez-Silva (2001, p.187) the main difference between the type specimens and the Mexican specimen is the size; this is not a factor with strong taxonomic value, hence, the size of the Mexican female of this species merely increases the known range of size variation for C. tumorifrons; the slight differences between the Mediterranean and Mexican specimens are not sufficient to warrant erection of a new taxon (see Table 1). Isaac (1974) assumed that female and male belonged to a single species; however, this may have been misleading because the only way to link males and females of one monstrilloid species is to find them in the same host or verify that they share distinctive diagnostic characters ; morphologic characters that may link both sexes include striation of the head ((see in Suarez-Morales & Escamilla, 1997) and the general structure of the eyes; another feature whose value to link sexes is the branching pattern of Grygier & Ohtsuka's (1995) distal setae of the distal segment . A1 (setae b1-b-3); these are distaly branched in male C. tumorifrons (Suarez-Morales, 1999) and unbranched in the assigned female (Isaac, 1974). Althrough the Mexican female seems to represent C. tumorifrons, there is the possibility that it belongs to another species. In 2009, Suarez-Morales & Morales-Ramirez (2009, p.1264) ceate Cymbasoma guerrerense species.
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