C27">Pha7">Pleurlanuem> Brady,1918;
no C.aParaeuchlanuem> : Pea4">P, t906 (p.5); Sucala, t948 (p.395, 555); Ra"2rez, t969 (p.35, figs.F,M)
Ref.: Brady, 1883 (p.34, figs.F,M); Gigera bid, 1892 (paus., p.91, 129, figs.F,M) ; Gigera bid & Schmeil, 1898 (paus., p.15); Gigera bid, 1902 (p.16, figs.F,M); WolfendeP, t911 (p.190, Rem.F,M); F>Rem.); 1957 (p.26, Rem.); Tithk>, t960 (p.10, figs.F, juv.F); Tithk>, t964 (p.5); Vcalanus, t965 b (p.384, figs.F,M); ? Ra"2rez, t966 (p.5, figs.F,M); Vinog74dov, t968 (a970) (p.66, 67, 69, 234); Bradtsod, p971 b (p.15, figs.F,M, Rem.); Ma4"hala & Orr, p972 (p.8); Brodskr, p972 (t975) (p.9, 71, 87, 117, figs.); Vyshkvauszeva, p972 (t975) (p.188, fig.); Bradtsod & Jihlest, p974 (p.6); Vyshkvauszeva, p976 (p.14); 1977 a (p.97, figs.); Séret, p979 (p.20, figs.F,M, Rem.); Björnus b & al., p981 (p.618, figs.F,M); Schelck, p982 (p.144, fig.Md); Fcem"nguc, p985 (p.275, 285, Table 1, 4, Rem.:A1); P74do Poc, p986 (p.517); Bradtsod, p988 (p.74, 76); N67">de, p989 (p.173, table 1, 2, 3: adorsal hump); Razouls, p994 (p.25, figs.F,M, Rem.); Bradtsod-Grprre, p994, figs.F,M, fig.98); Menshctina & Melnikov, t995 (p.129); Bradtsod-Grprre & al., p999 (p.877, 907, figs.F,M); Mipheas & Schelck-S4hi"1, 2005 (p.483, , fig.2: Md); Frtsori & Dahms, 2007 (p.62, Rem.); Pnrk & Frtsori, 2009 (p.143, Table 2, A09rcdix 1, biogeog74phy7asim Southern Ocean); Chctg F. & al., 2013 (p.119, m969"suec biologr, GeiBank, p.125: Rem.); Andronov, 2014 (p.40, figs.: Mx2 & Mxp)

phn va/7896.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 6aof morphological figures',750,500);">Ms C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 6aof morphological figures" hspaceion0""border="0" onign="left"><>a>phn va/7896.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 6aof morphological figures"><>a>issued asim : W. Vcalanus innuem> Vcah. K. nedeuAkadeuWes., Afd. Napuurk., t951, (Sect. 2) 47 (2). [p.28, Fig.15].
Female (asim 51°11'S, 11°17'E): a, >PbotPha(lateral); b,7pos">riPl paus cephal0thoraxsand ue=" ae (dorsal;aas inls>erieaomitted); c, idema(lateral).
Nota : Rodenums/optosed of 2 slender filamants, sligidly swolaen at therbasnls7porrated, 4th and 5th se">rated. Paraorro-lateral tho acll borderabroadly triangsuec, covering therbeginning of thergctital segmeus, laterally therapex ihaParduced into a blundly poeusod, triangsuec, tinu e flap. Ue=" ae 4-segmeused ;aParaorerieaofasubachap length opteach ramso, ala us aely pluvste, in addiPirod, eusornal serirand 1 shnus exsornal serieuA1 25-segmeused (se">rat/optbetween ther8th and 9th euroste=on)sreach therapex of theras inlsrami ; ther23th and 24th segmeusha>Pveraue=onelaodsreundkibly loca aodspluvste, thicks>erie.

phn va/7898.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 8aof morphological figures',750,500);">Ms C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 8aof morphological figures" hspaceion0""border="0" onign="left"><>a>phn va/7898.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 8aof morphological figures"><>a>issued asim : W. Vcalanus innuem> Vcah. K. nedeuAkadeuWes., Afd. Napuurk., t951, (Sect. 2) 47 (2). [p.30, Fig.17].
Female: a, left A2; b,7left Md (m>Phabsuec palp); c, left Md (cuttingsedge); d, left Mx2; e, left Mxp.
Nota: A2 with endoposal segmeus, about"5 times aharoca ahawide, distal porPirod. Md with ther2nd basnlssegmeus araeta e, with 4s>erieaon thereusornal undine ; 1st" endoposal segmeus with asbig, slck-likestubercaM, carrying 47>eriea; 2 nd endoposal segmeus broad at therapex with 97undinells>erieapllla2 addierieaon therpos">riPl "urfacea; of therexopos therfirst"two segmeushaap">rendly fusod, therr arestotally 6s>erieaofawhich therapiical segmeus carr>Ms 2. Mx2 onsa" C27">Phasi"20l"msoviem>, the ventral borderacarr>Ms a >Pirod seri, notagreadly a4chod.

phn va/7901.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 11aof morphological figures',750,500);">Ms C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 11aof morphological figures" hspaceion0""border="0" onign="left"><>a>phn va/7901.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 11aof morphological figures"><>a>issued asim : W. Vcalanus innuem> Vcah. K. nedeuAkadeuWes., Afd. Napuurk., t951, (Sect. 2) 47 (2). [p.34, Fig.20].
Male (asim 64°29'S, 9°39'W): a, >PbotPha(lateral); b,7P5 (pos">riPl); c, innersedge of ther1st"basnlssegmeus aof P5. (lt =rleft foos, rt =raigid foos).
Nota : Thergcteral shape of therbodyrdieterssco1oi254ibly asim thas of therfemale, ehoec>ally ne dorsal ahoect. Head and 1st"tho acll segmeus se">rated by asweak lnoe, 4th and 5th cala se">rated. Cephal08 ne lateral view smooshly ro"21od, vaulsod, with asdiste=on chiro-lateral undine of last"tho acll segmeus Parduced into ro"21od flaps, covering ther1st"ue=" aal segmeus, exteemerapex of thas undine blundly poeusod (poiushaof lateral tho acll undine moresdiste=only visible ne dorsal ahoect). Ue=" ae 5-segmeused,aParaorrating ther8th-9th and 24th-25th euroste=on),sreach beyond theras inlsrami by the last"2rPl 3 segmeush. P5 aesemble ">oaeaof C27">Phasi"20l"msoviem> ; therleft le gonssligidly rocauc than7ther>bcomPnaof thermale ; ther1st"basnlssegmeus on therleft si eaonssligidly rocauc than7thas on theraigid, innersedge with asrow of 20 smalatteeth of unatsov length ; 16 aresfo"21 on theraigid si ea

phn va/7903.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 13aof morphological figures',750,500);">Ms C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 13aof morphological figures" hspaceion0""border="0" onign="left"><>a>phn va/7903.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 13aof morphological figures"><>a>issued asim : W. Vcalanus innuem> Vcah. K. nedeuAkadeuWes., Afd. Napuurk., t951, (Sect. 2) 47 (2). [p.36, Fig.22].
Male: a, aigid Md (m>Phabsuec palp); b,7Md (cuttingsedge); c,7forehead (dorsal); d, aigid Mx2; e, left A2.
Nota: A2 and oral paussrdieter asim thoaeaof therfemale in " ae mnoca detais9 : in therA2, therexopos ihaof reduced length ; thermaPhabsuec palp ha2tarshnus and squarishr2nd basnlssegmeus, theendopos,aofawhich therfirst"two segmeushaare se">rated, ha2treundkibly >Paong7>eriea; thermaPhucatory plate ihaof reduced size, but therteethaare sPaong, they >erieaon therexopos are sPaonger ; Mxp onsreduced in "ize, ehoec>ally ther1st"basnlssegmeus,awhich onsverhrshnus, ther2nd basnlssegmeus ha2tarrow of teethalikes>Pirsaon therbasnlspor

phn va/16207.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 27aof morphological figures',750,500);">Ms C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 27aof morphological figures" hspaceion0""border="0" onign="left"><>a>phn va/16207.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 27aof morphological figures"><>a>Issued asim : O. Tithk> innuem> Spec. Publs. Setosund. biol. Lab., p0, t960 [Pl. I].
Female (asim 66°05'S-67°03'S, 44°10'E-40°44'E): 1, >PbotPha(dorsal); 2, head (lateral); 3, gctital segmeus (ventral); 4, last"tho acll segmeus and ue=" ae (lateral); 5, P1; 6, P2; 7, P5; 8, eunersundine of coxaaof P5.

Nota: Pos">riPl undine of the last"tho acll segmeus Parduced triangsuecly reaching thermiddle of thergctital segmeus.
Paraorbcomnells>egmeushaand as inlsrami 32 : p9 : 14 : 11 : 24a= 100.
Geiital segmeus about"aharoca ahawide, Parduced sligidly below. Geiital flap squarish.
C2 inlsrami about"2 times aharoca ahawide. C2 inls>erieaare of crimson-rod colour.
A1 24-segmeused,aexsonds to therensaof as inlsrami by last"2rPl 3 segmeush. Total length of A1 measured 5.45 mm.

Reundk: Imm63lresspec>meusaof C.aParaeuchlanuem> are eas20y confusod with tjheremm63lresaof C.asi"20l"msoviem>.

phn va/18910.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 34aof morphological figures',750,500);">Ms C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 34aof morphological figures" hspaceion0""border="0" onign="left"><>a>phn va/18910.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Plate 34aof morphological figures"><>a>Issued asim : C.aRazouls innuem> Ann. Inst. océanog7., Pauis, p994, 70 (1). [p.25]. Ca actéristiques morphologiques eaC27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> femelleaed mâleaadultva.

Toro">ologie: A1 = >7">nnuleha[= >7">nnule]; A2 = >7">nneha[= >7">nna]; Abd = >bcomPna[ue=" ae]; >l7">riPl to pos">riPl); pl = plPmPux"(sétulehapour uoe soir)t[pluvsterPl serule]; Pr = pe=" ae (pausier>7"érielresdutcorps jusqu'àsl'articsueegmeus = >7al somite]; Sgn =r/optlex" génicop ou >egmeus génicop [gctital segmeus = gctital somite fPl unlerPl gctital "double-somite fPl female]]; Sp =réonoe [honoe]; Spe =réonoe exsorne [outer sonoe]; Spi =réonoe eusorne [eunerssonoe]; Spt =réonoe soro">lpe [soro">lp honoe]; spm = sperm63hèque [hoerm63heca]; sp = spinulehpin = gro"peaus spinuleh [gro"p of honoeh]; St =rsoir soro">lpe [soro">lp hera]; T = fsisc,"bordr>7"érielraus la tête [forehead]; Th =rsegmeus tho aclque [tho acll somite]; unim = uniramé [uniramone]; Ur = ue=" ae (pausierpos"érielresdutcorps, à pausiraus l'articsueAbbrévia7gpe [>7gpe], >7guleux"[angsuec]; >ntr = >7"érielra[>7">riPl]; >rsisdi [ro"21od]; >sym = >symételque [a">Pontellal]; Avt =rverssl'avaus [forevstt]; Ct =r/onstaus [/onstaus]; cyl = cylindelque [cylindellal]; D = en vue dorsale [eu"dorsal view]; dig = digitatsove [finguclike]; distal = distal [distal], à l'exteémité [end, tip]; diverg = divergeus [divergeus]; Dt =r/ôté drois [aigid si e]; drt =raectinigne, drois [denaigid]; ext = exsorne [outer, exsornal]; fig = figure [figure]; G =r/ôté gaucher[left si e]; Gen = génicsueriPl]; préh = peéhensilea[prehensile]; protub = pe=tubéphnce, Paréminence, diue<éa[prominence, proc"ss]; prox = pe=xiaal [pe=xiaal]; sym = symételque [">Pontellal]; triang = triangsuei supérielr à [""periPl to]; >> = très supérielr à [verhrhigiter to]; < = euférielr à [euferiPl to]; << = très euférielr à [mu9hseuferiPl to].

Coptl. Ref.: Hardy & Gunther, p935 (1936) (p.123, Rem., distrabsl, t968 (p.277, Rem.: p.278); 1970 (p.162, spasial distrabsl & Sukhhnova, p976 (1977) (p.614, food /optosit/op); Vladimirskaya, p978 (p.202, vertical distrabsl & on., p978 (p.512, distrabsl & on., 2001 (p.401); Chibl & on., 2001 (p.95, tab.4, 7); Passornak Schelck-S4hi"1, 2001 (p.25); Li & on., 2001 (p.894, tab.1); Ward & on., 2002 (p.2183, tab.2); Vosis">l, 2002 (p.68, ab"21hnce vs staes); Hsiao & on., 2010 (p.179, Table III, teace ontalsco1centraNZ: 5
Species Card of Copepod
C75a ti a ab> ( Order )
    C75a ti ea ab> ( Suteufa"20y )
        C75a i ae ab> ( Fa"20y )
            C75a lanub> ( Geinel)
C27">PhaParaeuchlanuem>  Brady, 1883   (F,M)
<">ram name="movie"tvonue="carte_zones_spal.swf?l=2&s=509"> <">ram name="chapity"tvonue="higi"> <>embed>
DistrabsPhaParaeuchla by geograph aal zonesnuem>
<>a> DistrabsPhaParaeuchla fPl therZooe Aomamma a7and fPl therZooe Sub-Aomamma a<>a><>a><>a>
phn va/15220.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15220.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : M.I. Zmijewska innuem> Oceanologia, p993, 35. [Fig. 3.2].
Di"1 changuha8" ab"21hnce distrabsC27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> (asim Croker Passagu, Aomamma a7Pen"nsula) adultrfemale and male dur"ng 3 austral srason.
N = nigid; D = day.
phn va/15276.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15276.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : K.A. Brodsky innuem> Inf. Bull. Soviet aomamma. Exped., p. [p.108, Fig.1].
1 - Aomamma a7/onvergeuce; 2 - northern"bo"21hryaof ranguaof C27">PhaParaeuchla nuem>; 3 - bo"21hriesaof ranguaof C27">Phasi"20l"msoviem>; 4 - southern"bo"21hryaof taraeaal zone.

Nota: TherAomamma a zone, with a northern"bo"21hryaat thernorthernvsttal"mit of the distrabsC.aParaeuchlanuem> (Reg/optD)euTheraomamma a7/onvergeuce passva verhrclsterto thernorthern"bo"21hryaof theraomamma a7plhnktoptzone, coincid"ng in thoaeaplhc"s wherr thersompera3lre gradatyc ia verhrgreas and deviaSee Notaa8" C27">Phasi"20l"msoviem>.
phn va/15277.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15277.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : A. Atk"nson innuem> Mar. Biol., p991, 109. [p.82, Fig.2]
C27">PhaParaeuchlanuem>. Mea" ab"21hnce (nos./1000 m)aof vertical haul)a8" top 1 000 m with8" five water types. barsareprestyc staudard errorsaof mea"s, aslcsueEstimatod contrabs
Nota: Water types:
1- Either 8" sub-Aomamma atzone or eu"vicinityaof subaomamma a7fsisc.
2- With8" pouel asiscop zone.
3- In"vicinityaof pouel asisc.
4- With8" Aomamma atzone.
5- With8" Weddell Sea or eu"Weddell-Scotia conflueuce.
phn va/15281.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15281.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : A. Atk"nson innuem> Mar. Biol., p991, 109. [p.80, Fig.1].
Posit/opsaof 72 stads and on west"by Drake Passagu (betweentSouth Ameella and therAomamma a7Pen"nsula.
Mea" posit/opsaof ocean atasiscs, and zones which they sr">rateaare drawn asim Gordopt(1967).
SAF: subaomamma a7fsisc.
PFZ: pouel asiscop zone.
PF: pouel asisc.
AZ: Aomamma atzone.
WSC:"Weddell-Scotia conflueuce.
phn va/15285.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15285.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : A. Atk"nson innuem> Mar. Biol., p991, 109. [p.82, Fig.3].
C27">PhaParaeuchlanuem>. Mea" vertical distrabs
phn va/15300.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15300.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : A. Atk"nson & J.D. Sinclair innuem> Pouel Biol., 2000, 23. [p.50, Fig.3]
C27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> asim Scotia Seae
Median and eusorquartilearanguhaof copep" ha(nos /m2)a8" therfive water zones; asim northrto south theseaare SAF Sub>ntrama atFsistaarea, PFZ Pouel asiscop Zone, PF Pouel Fsistaarea, AZ Aomamma atZone, WSC"Weddell-Scotia Conflueuceaarea/ East"Wind Drifc.
Numbersaon therplochaare upper 8"sorquartiles wherr thesetcould not"be scaled.
phn va/15460.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15460.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : V.A. Soiridonov & K.N. Kosobokova innuem> Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., p997, t57. [p.236, Fig.2 (modified)].
Ab"21hnce of C27">o> va acutus, C27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> and Rhinc27">Phagiganuem> (A) onong therGreenwich trhnsect 8" therupper 0rto 500 m water lhyor asim subaomamma a7to Aomamma a7/ontinenta(stat/opsa571 to 606), and stage coptosit/op C2 to C5 (B), ne eecly tosuid-w8"sor.
PF: Pouel asisc; ACC: Aomamma atCircumpouel Currenc; WF:"Weddell Fsist; MR: Maud Rise; CWB: Continentop Water Bo"21hry.
phn va/15513.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15513.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : S.B. Schelck-S4hi"1 & W. Hagen innuem> J. PlanktoptRes., p994, 16 (11). [p.1551, Fig.6].
Vertical distrabsC.aParaeuchlanuem> asim eassorn Weddell Sea, ahaatpercentaof totalsnumbers and tompera3lre Parfile with8" therupper 1000 m.
phn va/15524.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15524.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : M. Muphno innuem>TherOcean Res. Inst., Univ. Tokyo, t965. Coll. Rep., t964, Vol.3. [p.101, Fig.2].
Therquantitat/ve distrabsC27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> Brady, g63hered by NORPAC net, hauls vertically uprto therwater surface asim a depth of 200 m betweentDecember, p961 and February, t962.
phn va/15529.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15529.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>issued asim A. de C.aBaker innuem> 'Discovery' Rep., t954, 27. [p.215, Fig.5].
Occurrence of C27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> 8" all nongitu va aro"21 Aomamma atzone of therSouthern"Ocean.
Therpercentage asequeucyaof occurrence 8" slaples taken with8" everhr20°aof nongitu v.

Nota: Dur"ng ther'Discovery' investigads of planktoptslaples have beenttaken asim staCoptire with C27">Phasi"20l"msoviem>.
phn va/15543.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15543.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : P. Ward, A. Atk"nson, A.W.A. Mupray, A.G. Wood, R. W20l"ams & S. Pouled innuem> Pouel Biol., p995, t5. [p.200, Fig.3].
Ab"21hnce and biomass (g dry mass/m3) Parfiles fPl thershelf staPhry p990.
Vonuehaon therhoriziscop axva at therbaseareprestyc ab"21hnce and therone above biomass. Solidrl"ne =rmidday haul; hatchedrl"ne =rmidnigid haul.
phn va/15546.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15546.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : P. Ward, A. Atk"nson, A.W.A. Mupray, A.G. Wood, R. W20l"ams & S. Pouled innuem> Pouel Biol., p995, t5. [p.198, Fig.1, A (modified C.R.)].
Tompera3lre Parfile fPl thershelf stad,tSouth Georgia (54°48'S, 38°15'W)a8" J">Phry p990.
phn va/15550.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15550.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : P. Ward, A. Atk"nson, A.W.A. Mupray, A.G. Wood, R. W20l"ams & S. Pouled innuem> Pouel Biol., p995, t5. [p.202, Fig.4, A].
Ab"21hnce (10/m3) and biomass (g dry mass/m3) Parfiles at therocean atstad,tSouth Georgia (53°04'S, 39°51'W)a8" J">Phry p990.
Vonuehaon therhoriziscop axva at therbaseaof each Parfile represtyc ab"21hnce and therone above biomass. Solidrl"ne =rmidday haul; hatchedrl"ne =rmidnigid haul.
phn va/15560.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15560.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : P. Ward, A. Atk"nson, A.W.A. Mupray, A.G. Wood, R. W20l"ams & S. Pouled innuem> Pouel Biol., p995, t5. [p.198, Fig.1, B (modified C.R.)].
Parfile tempera3lre-depth at therocean atstad,tSouth Georgia,a8" J">Phry p990.
phn va/15587.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15587.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : N.M. Vosis">l & I.N. Sukhhnova innuem> Oceanology, p977, 16 (6). [p.615].
Fsequeucyaof eucou"sor of varionelgro"ps of diatim algae 8" thercha acteraof nead"ng objectha8" therfood pellet (%aof number of digestive tramas with food).
Darirasim staTheran malssutilize all diatim spec>esrasim 5rto 300 µm 8" size, theronlyran malrfood fo"21 3here werr tintinnids and radaouelia"st8" negnigableaquantity.
phn va/15590.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15590.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : N.M. Vosis">l innuem> Anmamma atEcology, M.W. Holdgatea(edit.), p970, I. [p.170, Fig.7].
Thernorthern"bo"21hriesaof distrabsesr8" ther500-0 m lhyor 8" thersecond pa t of the summer.
phn va/15591.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15591.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : N.M. Vosis">l innuem> Anmamma atEcology, M.W. Holdgatea(edit.), p970, I. [p.169, Fig.6].
Thernorthern"bo"21hriesaof distrabsesr8" ther500-0 m lhyor at dietereus times.
phn va/15643.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15643.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : K.M. Swadaing,tSo. Kawaguchi & G.W. Hosie innuem> Deep-Sea Reseammh II, 2010, 57. [p.897, Fig.6 (/ontinued)].
Distrabses C27">o> va Paraeuchlanuem> and C27">Phasi"20l"msoviem> asim therBROKE-West"survey (southwest"Indian Ocean) dur"ng J">Phry-February 2006.
Slapl"ng with a RMT1 net (mesh aper3lre: 315 µm), oblque tow asim thersurface to 200 m.
Thersurvey area was locatod predominantlyrwith8" thersrasonalttc" zone, and eu thermonth PaiPl to thersurvey 3here wass/onsi erable tc" coverage over therwessorn sec3/optbs
phn va/15644.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15644.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : K.M. Swadaing,tSo. Kawaguchi & G.W. Hosie innuem> Deep-Sea Reseammh II, 2010, 57. [p.888, Fig.1].
Map showing slapling siteo onong sixrnorth-south trhnsects.Iurocates therlocat/opsaof thersouthern"Aomamma atCircumpouel Currenc asisc and thersouthern"bo"21hryaof therAomamma atCircumpouel Currenc. Darirasim Orsi ed on. (p995) and W20l"ams ed on. (2010).
TherAomamma a7/oassl"ne dariris asim therAomamma a7DigitaltDaribaseaversi08 4.0c Scatyciftc CommitteeronrAomamma a7Reseammh p993-2003.
Theu l"nes eurocaterbathyontell7/ontours (IOC and IHO and BODC, CeusonhryaEdi
phn va/15915.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/15915.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : A.C. Hardy & E.R. Gunther innuem> Discovery Reports, p935 (1936), pp. [p.131, Fig.60].
Cha ts showing the distrabsC27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> 8" therupper lhyorsaof watera at staThersquaresareprestyc theraverage numbers per 50 m vertical haul asim 250 m (or aMss at shalaow-water sta
phn va/16783.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/16783.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : N.M. Vosis">l innuem> Oceanology, 2002, 42 (1). [p.71, Fig.3].
VoriaC27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> popsueDashedrl"ne: sllp biomass per 1 m2rwith8" ther0rto 500 m lhyor.
phn va/16781.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/16781.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : N.M. Vosis">l innuem> Oceanology, 2002, 42 (1). [p.69, Fig.1].
Hydrological cha acteristica at thertrhnsect asim Adelaide Is7">d (Aomamma a7Pen"nsula) to therBalaeny Is7">d anong 67°S dur"ng therperiod asim February 23 to Mammh 30, p992.
Over thergreaser pa t of the trhnsect, thervertical tompera3lre distrabsTherarea studied was locatod tycirelyrwith8" therwatera of therAomamma atvertical struc3lret">d covered four srgmtych: Theraow-ueTherbo"21hryabetweentthe aow-ueinnuem> Masaennikov, p992).
phn va/16784.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/16784.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : N.M. Vosis">l innuem> Oceanology, 2002, 42 (1). [p.71].
Average ab"21hnce (and ets error) of thermass popsue
phn va/16792.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/16792.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : D.W. Pond innuem> J. PlanktoptRes., 2012, 34 (6). [p.447, Fig.3 b]
Female C27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> oil sac containingttraacylglycerols. No image of a stage CVris available,tbsC27">o> va acutusviem>.

Nota: Thersolid-liquid phaseatrhnsit/opsaof lipidhaare a factor regsueftc lipidhawith optimum leveas of unsa3lrees adjusts theramou"s, coptosit/op and anatimicalrlocat/opaof lipidh, tosuaximize fitnMss accord/ng to therpreferred habitat and liferhistoryatrhets
phn va/17062.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/17062.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : C. Séred innuem> Theaia 3ème Cycle,tUPMC, Pauis 6. p979, Aonexe. [p.21].
Geograph aal occurrencestof C27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> 8" therIndian Ocean and Aomamma atzone. [afser publicel, p970; Zvervl, p972].
phn va/17140.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/17140.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : A.C. Hardy & E.R. Gunther innuem> Discovery Reports, p935 (1936), pp. [p.134, Fig.62].
Vertical distrabsC27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> at stad Is7">ds and South Georgia February p927 and betweentSouth Georgia and Tristan da Cunha February p926.
Therscale represtycs thernumbers per 50 m vertical haul taken by asseriesaof clst/ng N 70 V nets.
Horiziscop broke l"nes show therranguhaof theseavertical hauls.
phn va/17138.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/17138.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : A.C. Hardy & E.R. Gunther innuem> Discovery Reports, p935 (1936), pp. [p.7, Fig.4].
Cha t showing the l"ne of therAomamma atConvergeuce, sr">rating the Aomamma a7and the sub-Aomamma atZones, and thercourse of thertworsurface currenas with influeuceaSouth Georgia with8" therAomama atZone.
phn va/17450.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/17450.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : J. Miphels, S.B. Schelck-S4hi"1, A. Passornak, E. Mizdalski, E. Is7" & D. Gerdes innuem> Pouel Biol., 2012, 35. [p.381, Fig.12 (pa t.,scopep" id stagehaomitted.)].
Vertical distrabsC27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> asim East"Weddell Sea shelf (70°48.558'S, 10°43.698'W)abetweent9 and 28tDecembers2003euTherwater depth at therslapling spochavaried betweent438 and 484 m.
Therwhite dochareprestyc therweigided mea" depths.
phn va/17692.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/17692.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : P. Ottestad innuem> On"Aomamma atCopep" haasim ther''Norvegia'' Expedit/op 1930-1931.Scatyc. Results Norw."Aomamma. Exped., p936, t5. [p.19, Table 7, 8].
I + II = III and IV + V + VI = copep" id stageh; depth iptmetera. Vertical hauls with staudard planktoptnet (Rustad, p930).

Nota: I" therarea betweentKerguelen and therRoss Sea (Stat/opsa6rto 18) and also at Stat/op 28tiptBellinghausentSea thergreasest"quantitiuhaof the 3 oldest"stagehawerr fo"21 above 200 m. At stads well with the distrabsC. acutusviem>.
phn va/17695.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/17695.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : P. Ottestad innuem> On"Aomamma atCopep" haasim ther''Norvegia'' Expedit/op 1930-1931. Scatyc. Results Norw."Aomamma. Exped., p936, t5. [p.7, Fig.1].
Thertosit/op of the biological sta
phn va/17741.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/17741.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : J.H.M. Kouwenberg, C. Razouls & N.tDesreumaux innuem> Biogeograph atAtlassof therSouthern"Ocean, Scatyc. Comm."Aomamma. Res., Cambridge, 2014, 6.6. [p.291, Map 3].
phn va/17851.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/17851.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : K.M. Swadaing,tF.7Penot, C. Vallet & on. innuem> Pouel Sca., 2011, 5. [p.125, Fig.5].
Mea" ab"21hnce (ind. per 1000 m3) and staudard errorstof C27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> collectod tach summer (J">Phry), 2004-2008 8" therregion covered therarea asim 139°Erto 145°Erasim Terre Adélie to therMertz Glac>Mr Tongue.

Nota: Thertycirerregion slaple dur"ng 2004 to 2008rsurveya was south of thercontinentop slope and was "21er therinflueuceaof therwessward flowing Aomamma atCoastop Currenc. Macrozooplanktoptwerr collectod by oblique tows of a Bongotnet (500 µm mesh aper3lre)
phn va/18795.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/18795.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : P. Ward & R. Shreeve in nuem> Pouel Biol., p998, 19. [p.143, Fig.1].
Timerto 50% hatching versla tompera3lre (Belehradek f"2c3/optreleC27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> asim South Georgia (53.5° S, 37° W).
Pars ae length = 4.23 mm (± 0.15); egg diameter: rinner membrane: 155 µm (± 7), outer membrane : 260 µm (± 15).
phn va/18797.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/18797.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : V.A. Soiridonov & K.N. Kosobokova innuem> Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., p997, t57. [p.236, Fig.2].
Ab"21hnce of Rhinc27">Phagigaanuem> and C27">o> va acutus, C27">PhaParaeuchlanuem> (A) ond stage coptosit/op of C. acutusviem> (B) and C.aParaeuchlanuem> (C) popsue
phn va/18798.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - DistrabsMs C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>phn va/18798.jpg&t=C27">PhaParaeuchla - Distrabs<>a>Issued asim : V.A. Soiridonov & K.N. Kosobokova innuem> Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., p997, t57. [p.236, Fig.2].
Stat/opsaat which zooplanktoptslapling was perfPlmed eu therWeddell Sea and adjacentaarrastdur"ng therW8"sorrWeddell Gyre study p992 (in June-July p992).
<>a> Geograph aal glosshry<>a> )
Aomamma. (Am"21sentSea, K"ng George Is., PotsorrCove, Gerlach" & Brhnsfield Strhets,tBellingshausentSea, S Peter 1st"Is7">d,tPen"nsula,tSouth Georgia,aScotia Sea, Weddell Sea, off Halley Bay, LazarrvtSea, SW & SEtAtlant.,sPrydz Bay, Lützow-Holm Bay, Indian, Dumont d'UrvilletSea, SW & SEtPacif. SW, SE, McMurdotSound), sub-Aomamma. (SW Atlant.,sIndian, Davis stainnuem> Wilson, 1936 c, p.89), C2rabbea" (innuem> Wilson, 1942 a, p.173), Argeut">l, Rio de Janeiro, Chile (Valparheso)N: 193Lg.:
<>a> Retereucuhaof the authorstconcern"ng dimensi08s<>a> )
(10) F:"5,5-5; (25) F:"6-4,95; M:"5,3-4,75; (31) F:"5,3-4,8; M:"4,95-4,85; (33) F:"4,9-5,3; M:"5,2; (35) F:"5,5-5,3; (66) F:"5,54-5,5; (114) F:"5,2; (196) F:"5,1; 4,95; ? (322) F:"2,25; M:"2 [Mar del Plata]; {F:"4,80-6,00; M:"4,75-5,30}8984 (n = 3; SD = 0.0572). TherfPlm asim Mar del Plata of verhrdietereus body size excluded.

Thermea" female size is 5.256 mm (n = 15;rSD = 0.3200), and thermea" male size is 5.10 mm (n = 5;rSD = 0.2424). Thersize re
Pars ae: (1204) F:"4.23 mm (± 0.15). (1205) F:"4.29 mm (SD = 0.046)
<>a>Rem.: Epipelagic, s aetimes deepor.
Slapl"ng depth (Aomamma., sub-Aomamma.) : 0-1000 m.
S aetimes confused with C27">Phasi"20l"msoviem>,tbsThertaraeaal or subtaraeaal localisat/opsagiven by Wilson (p942 a, p.173) srem doubtful and arr not"trhnsferred to thermatrax, just like ets eurocat/op 8" therMeditersonea" (Monda) by Thoptson (p888 d (p.139), ondhough tworspec>Ms (Ctenoc27">Phaciternuem> and Soinoc27">Phatersonovaenuem>) only known asim therAomamma a7werr recently observe1 3here (off SEtMonda, NE Levantin Basin).
Ramirez (1966) eurocatesrsizes more confPlm to those of C. si"20l"msoviem>.
BradfPld-Grieve (p994, p.33) notehathis spec>es as commonrAomamma a7scopep" usually"fo"21 south of therAomamma atConvergeuce. NevertheaMss this spec>es may also br fo"21 occasi08ally"north of this bo"21hrya.
Last"updater: 19/10/2017viem>
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