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Nullosetigeridae Soh, Ohtsuka, Imabayashi & Suh, 1999 ( Arietelloidea )
(1) Nullosetigera Soh, Ohtsuka, Imabayashi & Suh, 1999
Rem.: Total: 9 spp.
Taxonomic note from Boxshall & Halsey (2004, p.150): The name Phyllopus Brady, 1883 was preoccupied by Phyllopus Rafinesque, 1815, but Phyllopus Rafinesque was suppressed. An application to suppress Phyllopus Rafinesque for purposes of homonymy was required to preserve nomemclatural stability. This application was never made and in 1999, Soh & al. proposed the replacement generic name Nullosetigera, and the derived family name Nullosetigeridae.

Key to species (after Boxshall & Halsey (2004, p.150) (adapted from Soh, Ohtsuka, Imbayashi & Suh, 1999) :1 – P4 with inner coxal seta : male P5 with tapering process on compound transverse plate formed by intercoxal sclerite and coxae …… 2.
1’ – P4 without inner coxal seta ; male P5 without any processes on compound trnsverse plate formed by intercoxal sclerite and coxae …… 3.
2 – Coxal endite of Mx1 with 2 extremely unequal setae ; 6th endopodal segment of Mxp armed with 4 setal elements ….. N. mutica.
2’ – Coxal endite of Mx1 with 2 nearly equal setae ; 6th endopodal segment of Mxp armed with 3 setal elements ……… N. auctiseta.
3 – Female genital double-somite stymmetrical , protruding on both sides ; male left P5 without distinct demarcation between tooth and 2nd exopodal segment ; right P5 with large tongue-like process on 1st exopodal segment ….. N. impar.
3’ – Female genital-double-somite symmetrical, weakly convex on both sides, or with more or less parallel sides …… 4.
3’’ – Female genital double-somite asymmetrical : tooth on 2nd exopodal segment of male left P5 distinctly separated from 3rd exopodal segment …… 5.
4 – Posterolateral angles of prosome slightly asymmetrical ; genital double-somite less than 25% longer than wide and with convex lateral margins …… N. aequalis.
4’ – Posterolateral angles of prosome asymmetrical, markedly produced on right side ; genital double-somite more than 40% longer than wide and with parallel lateral margins ……. N. giesbrechti.
5 – Female with last pedigerous somite symmetrical ; genital double-somite protruding on right side ; 3rd exopodal segment of male left P5 very elongate ….. N. helgae.
5’ – Female with last pedigerous somite asymmetrical, with posterolateral corners modified into apically truncate lobes ; male left P5 with small distal tooth and short curved claw on 3rd exopodal segment ……. N. bidentata / N. integer.
5’’ – Female with last pedigerous somite slightly asymmetrical, with tiny spinules on posterior corners …… N. mutata.

[1] Nullosetigera aequalis  (Sars, 1920)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[2] Nullosetigera auctiseta  Soh, Ohtsuka, Imabayashi & Suh, 1999   (F,M)    [Figs]

[3] Nullosetigera bidentata  (Brady, 1883)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[4] Nullosetigera giesbrechti  (A. Scott, 1909)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[5] Nullosetigera helgae  (Farran, 1908)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[6] Nullosetigera impar  (Farran, 1908)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[7] Nullosetigera integer  (Esterly, 1911)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[8] Nullosetigera mutata  (Tanaka, 1964)   (F)    [Figs]

[9] Nullosetigera mutica  (Sars, 1907)   (F,M)    [Figs]

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