List species and varieties by family
Platycopiidae Sars, 1911
(1) Antrisocopia Fosshagen, 1985
Rem.: Type: Antrisocopia prehensilis. 1 sp.

[1] Antrisocopia prehensilis  Fosshagen, 1985   (F,M)    [Figs]
(2) Nanocopia Fosshagen, 1988
Rem.: Type: Nanocopia minuta. 1 sp.
For Fosshagen & Iliffe (1988, p.361) in view of the sexual characters, very similar mouthparts, and the advanced character state of the swimming legs, this genus and Platycopia seem to be more closely related to each other than to Antrisocopia. The robust and compressed shape of Nanocopia suggests a benthic habitat; it is probable that the animal occupy small crevices in the porous and fissured rock and only occasionally enter the more open water of cave

[1] Nanocopia minuta  Fosshagen, 1988   (F,M)    [Figs]
(3) Platycopia Sars, 1911
Rem.: Type: Platycopia perplexa. 8 spp. + 2 undetermined.
For Ohtsuka & Boxshall (1994, p.163) the intermaxillipedal process is not developed in P. orientalis, whereas it forms a powerful spinous process in P. inornata and P. perplexa. In the most closely related P. pygmaea, this structure is a slightly raised process bearing a tuft of long, radiating spinules (Huys, pers. comm.). The remarkable development of the intermaxillipedal process appears to be found only in relatively plesiomorphic species of Platycopia. It is likely that the absence of the intermaxillipedal process represents a secondary loss.

[1] Platycopia compacta  Ohtsuka, Soh & Ueda, 1998   (F, juv.M)    [Figs]

[2] Platycopia inornata  Fosshagen, 1972   (F,M)    [Figs]

[3] Platycopia orientalis  Ohtsuka & Boxshall, 1994   (F,M)    [Figs]

[4] Platycopia perplexa  Sars, 1911   (F,M)    [Figs]

[5] Platycopia pygmaea  Sars, 1919   (F,M)    [Figs]

[6] Platycopia robusta  Andronov, 1985   (F,M)    [Figs]

[7] Platycopia sarsi  M.S. Wilson, 1946       [Figs]

[8] Platycopia tumida  (C.B. Wilson, 1935)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[9] Platycopia sp.A  Fosshagen, 1972   (F)    [Figs]

[10] Platycopia sp.B  Fosshagen, 1972   (M)    [Figs]
(4) Sarsicopia Martinez Arbizu, 1997
Rem.: Type: Sarsicopia polaris. 1 sp.

[1] Sarsicopia polaris  Martinez Arbizu, 1997   (F,M)

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