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Sulcanidae Nicholls, 1945 ( Diaptomoidea )
(1) Sulcanus Nicholls, 1945
Rem.: type: Sulcanus conflictus Nicholls, 1945. Total: 1 sp.
For Bradford-Grieve (1999 b, p.211) the single species of this genus has affinities with the Parapontellidae and Tortanidae. Euryhaline genus and the type species described from the mouth of the Georges River (salinity about 1/4 that of the open sea)

Diagnosis after Bradford-Grieve (1999 b, p.211) :
- Head without lateral hooks.
- Eye prominent, without cuticular lenses.
- Rostrum absent.
- Labrum prominent and with accessory lobes.
- Head and pedigerous segment 1 fused, pedigerous segments 4 and 5 separate.
- Posterior metasome rounded, with posterior spines and almost symmetrical in both sexes.
Female urosome 4-segmented.
- Female genital segment without genital operculum or seminal receptacles.
- Male urosome 5-segmented.
- Anal segment cleft almost to its base, dorsally excavaded, and overhung by a large anal operculum.
Caudal rami eymmetrical in female; slightly asymmetrical in male, right ramus being longer and wider than left ramus.
Female A1 16-segmented with segments more or less fused and with tubercles at bases of large setae.
- Male right A1 geniculate and with 18 distinct segments.
-A2 uniramous, 3 segmented, 2 terminal segments elongate, with a terminal bunch of long setae; exopod lacking.
- Md palp biramous; exopod subterminal, unsegmented; endopod terminal, 2-segmented.
- Maxillae 1 and 2 with reduced segmentation but strongly armed with long curved denticulate spines.
- Mxp with basal portion enlarged and extending beyond the point of insertion of the distal portion, and bearing long, strong, curved, denticulate spines; terminal portion reduced, 2-segmented.
- Basipods of swimming legs increase in length from P1 to P3. Endopods 2-segmented on P1 and P2, 3-segmented on P3 and P4. Distolateral borders of exopod segments of P2-P4 (except exopodal segment 2 of P2) expanded into a conspicuous tooth; these spines do not seem to be com^metely articulated. Terminal exopod spine of P1 -P4 with outer edge teeth.
- P5 uniramous , 3-segmented, and slightly asymmetrical in female; in male the left leg is uniramous and right leg is biramous, with both strongly modified.

[1] Sulcanus conflictus  Nicholls, 1945   (F,M)    [Figs]

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