List species and varieties by family
Tisbidae Stebbing,1910; Lang, 1948 ( Harpacticoida, Polyarthra )
(1) Bathyidia Farran, 1926
Rem.: type: Bathyidia remota . 1 sp.

[1] Bathyidia remota  Farran, 1926   (F,M)    [Figs]
(2) Neotisbella Boxshall, 1979
Rem.: Total: 1 sp.

[1] Neotisbella gigas  Boxshall, 1979   (F,M)    [Figs]
(3) Tisbe Lilljeborg, 1853
Rem.: Accidentally in planktonic samples or dragged along with algae (not taken into account in the matrix). 5 spp.

Tisbe gracilipes    T. Scott, 1912   (F)
Ref.: Lang, 1948 a (p.381, figs.F); Waghorn, 1979 (p.465)
Loc: Antarct. (Is. Orcades du Sud, Mer de Ross)

Tisbe prolata    Waghorn, 1979   (F)
Ref.: Waghorn, 1979 (p.459, Descr.F, figs.F); Bradford & Wells, 1993 (p.10, figs.F)
Loc: Antarct. (Mer de Ross)
Lg.: (194) F: 1,35-1,27

Tisbe racovitzai    Giesbrecht, 1909   (F,M)
Syn.: Idya racovitzai Giesbrecht, 1902 (p.38, Descr.F, figs.F); Farran, 1929 (p.299); Eremopus debilis Brady, 1910 a (p.520, figs.F)
Ref.: Lang, 1948 a (p.377, figs.F,M); Tanaka, 1960 (p.93, figs.F); 1964 (p.17); Waghorn, 1979 (p.465)
Loc: Antarct. (Indien)
Lg.: (33) F: 0,8-0,75; (35) F: 0,66-0,54; M: 0,48; (66) F: 0,535; (114) F: 0,9-0,75; M: 0,51

Tisbe spinulosa    Bradford & Wells, 1993   (F,M)
Ref.: Bradford & Wells, 1993 (p.7, figs.F,M)
Loc: Antarct. (Mer de Ross)
Lg.: (452) F: 1,79-1,08; M: 1,05-0,8

Tisbe tenuimana    Giesbrecht, 1902   (F)
Syn.: Idya tenuimana Giesbrecht, 1902 (p.38, Descr.F, figs.F); Farran, 1929 (p.298)
Ref.: Lang, 1948 a (p.376, figs.F); Waghorn, 1979 (p.465)
Loc: Antarct. (Détroit de Gerlache, Cap Evans)
Lg.: (33) F: 0,85
(4) Volkmannia Boxshall, 1979
Rem.: Meso- and bathypelagic. 2 spp.

[1] Volkmannia attenuata  Boxshall, 1979   (F)    [Figs]

[2] Volkmannia forficula  Boxshall, 1979   (F,M)    [Figs]

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