Species Card of Copepod
Calanoida ( Order )
    Diaptomoidea ( Superfamily )
        Pontellidae ( Family )
            Labidocera ( Genus )
Labidocera tasmanica  Nyan Taw, 1974   (F,M)
Nyan Taw, 1974 (p.263, figs.F,M, Juv.); Greenwood & Othman, 1979 (p.237: Rem.F,M); Bradford-Grieve, 1999 b (p.197, figs.F,M, figs.185, 194)
Species Labidocera tasmanica - Plate 1 of morphological figuresissued from : Nyan Taw in Austr. J. mar. Freshwat. Res., 1974, 25 (2). [p.262, Figs.1-7].
Female ( from Barnes Bay, Tasmania): 1, habitus (dorsal); 2, last thoracic segment and urosome (lateral); 5, P5 (posterior).

Male: 3-4, habitus (dorsal and lateral, respectively); 6, P5 (posterior); 7, proximal expansion of distal segment of right P5.

Species Labidocera tasmanica - Plate 2 of morphological figuresissued from : Nyan Taw in Austr. J. mar. Freshwat. Res., 1974, 25 (2). [p.263, Figs.8-19].
Female: 8, A1; 9, A2; 10, Md; 11, Mx1; 12, Mx2; 13, Mxp; 14, P1; 15, P2; 16, P3; 17, P4.
Nota: A1 23-segmented, reaching at least to the posterior margin of the genital segment.

Male: 18, right A1; 19, left A1.
Nota: left A1 24-segmented; right geniculate A1 19-segmented, small denticles on the distal inner edge of segment 14, closely spaced denticles on segment 15, arranged on the inner proximal portion, the distal end being devoid of denticles; middle inner edge of segment 16 with closely spaced denticles, smaller than those on the preceding segment; 17th segment produced distally into a finger-like process nearly as long as segment 18. Left P5 3-segmented,no processes on 1st segment but a small spine on the distal outer part of the 2nd; distal segment with 4 spines : 1 large long spine longer than distal segment at the distal apex, 2 shorter spines on the inner edge of the distal portion, the inner being shorter than the outer, a small narrow spine on the outer margin of the distal segment; a brunch of fine bristles on the inner region of the distal segment. Right P5 subchelate, 3-segmented; middle segment large, broad and produced into a stout spine arising from proximal region; distal segment long, broad proximally with a serrated edge on the expansion, produced into a blunt apex; 3 small setae in the middle inner region of this segment and 1 seta at the distal inner edge as well as 1 at distal outer margin.

Species Labidocera tasmanica - Plate 3 of morphological figuresissued from : Nyan Taw in Austr. J. mar. Freshwat. Res., 1974, 25 (2). [p.270, Table 1].
Male: Characteristics.
The male differs from the male of all other known species of this genus in having an inner proximal portion of the distal segment of the right P5 expanded and serrated. It is comparable with L. detruncatum (Dana), Sydney variety described by Dakin & Colefax (1940); L. madurae A. Scott, 1909; L. euchaeta Giesbrecht, dimorphic form 1 described by Sewell (1912); L. sinilobata Shen & Lee, 1963; L. cervi Kramer, 1894.

Species Labidocera tasmanica - Plate 4 of morphological figuresissued from : J.G. Greenwood & B.H.R. Othman in J. Plankton Res., 1979, 1 (1). [p.237]
Characters in L. tasmanica compared with other species within the super-species detruncata (see L. cervi, L. farrani, L. caudata, L. detruncata, L. pavo, L. bataviae, L. madurae and L. sinolobata, with reference sources).

Compl. Ref.:
Nyan Taw & Ritz, 1979 (p.196)
NZ: 1

Distribution map of Labidocera tasmanica by geographical zones
SE Tasmania
N: 2
(473) F: 3,35-2,63; M: 2,83-2,45; {F: 2,63-3,35; M: 2,45-2,83}
Rem.: Coastal, Superficial; Salinity: 32.65-35.63 p.1000).
This species belongs to the L. detruncatagroup (Fleminger, 1967).
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