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Calanoida ( Order )
    Clausocalanoidea ( Superfamily )
        Tharybidae ( Family )
            Undinella ( Genus )
Undinella oblonga  Sars, 1900   (F,M)
Sars, 1900 (p.52, figs.F,M); Farran, 1908 b (p.50); Rose, 1933 a (p.142, figs.F,M); Jespersen, 1934 (p.85, fig.22); Lysholm & al., 1945 (p.29); Brodsky, 1950 (1967) (p.276, figs.F,M); Tanaka, 1960 a (p.130, figs.F); Vidal, 1971 a (p.14, 25, figs.F,M); Bradford & al., 1983 (p.127); Chihara & Omori, 1997 (p.921, Pl.184: F,M); Andronov, 2002 (p.72, figs.F,M); Markhaseva & al., 2008 (p.2433, 2438, fig.F, Rem.); Markhaseva & Renz, 2011 (p.67, fig.M)
Species Undinella oblonga - Plate 1 of morphological figuresissued from : O. Tanaka in Publ. Sero Mar. Biol. Lab., 1960, VIII (1). [p.130, Fig.102].
Female (from Suruga Bay, Japan): a, habitus (dorsal); b, forehead (lateral); c, last thoracic segment and urosome (lateral left side); d, rostrum (anterior aspect); e, P2; f, P5.

Nota: Head and 1st thoracic segment separate, 4th and 5th fused.
Lateral distal corner of the last thoracic segment produced triangularly with a rounded tip.
Rostrum with 2 aesthetasc-like filaments attached to the basal part which is hollowed at the apex.
Abdomen contained 2.4 times in the length of the cephalothorax.
The abdominal segments and furca in the proportional lengths 33 : 24 : 21 : 5 : 17 = 100.
Genital segment swollen laterally, about as long as wide.
Anal segment short.
Caudal rami 1.75 times as long as wide.
A1 24-segmented, extends to the distal margin of the genital segment.
In P2, the 1st and 2nd endopodal segments incompletely fused.
P5 3-segmented, 3rd segment with 4 spines of abiut equal lengths on the distal margin.

Species Undinella oblonga - Plate 2 of morphological figuresIssued from : K.A. Brodskii in Calanoida of the Far Eastern Seas and Polar Basin of the USSR. Opred. Fauna SSSR, 1950, 35 (Israel Program for Scientific Translations, Jerusalem, 1967) [p.277, Fig.186].
Female (from central Arctic): habitus (lateral right side); Do, urosome (dorsal); Mp1, Mx2; S1, P1; S2, P2; S5, P5.

Species Undinella oblonga - Plate 3 of morphological figuresIssued from : K.A. Brodskii in Calanoida of the Far Eastern Seas and Polar Basin of the USSR. Opred. Fauna SSSR, 1950, 35 (Israel Program for Scientific Translations, Jerusalem, 1967) [p.278, Fig.187].
Male (from Arctic): habitus (lateral left side); urosome (dorsal); R, rostrum; S5, P5.

Species Undinella oblonga - Plate 4 of morphological figuresissued from : V.N. Andronov in Arthropoda Selecta, 2002, 11 (1). [p.74, Figs.439-450].
Female (from NW Atlantic): 439-440, habitus (dorsal and lateral, respectively); 441, rostrum; 442, proximal portion of A1; 443, P5.

Male: 445-446, habitus (dorsal and lateral, respectively); 447, rostrum; 448, P5; 449, part of left endopod of P5.

Species Undinella oblonga - Plate 5 of morphological figuresissued from : E.L. Markhaseva & J. Renz in Zootaxa, 2011, 2889. [p.67, D]. Changed and schematized after Andronov (2002).
Male: D, P5 (Nota: right basis in grey).

Compl. Ref.:
Mrazek, 1902 (p.522); Damas & Koefoed, 1907 (p.400, tab.II); Lysholm & Nordgaard, 1921 (p.19); Jespersen, 1939 (p.59, Rem.); M.W. Johnson, 1963 (p.89, Table 1, 2); Harding, 1966 (p.17, 66, 71); Dunbar & Harding, 1968 (p.319, 320); Shih & al., 1971 (p.208); Deevey & Brooks, 1977 (p.256, tab.2, Station "S"); Buchanan & Sekerak, 1982 (p.41, vertical distribution); Groendahl & Hernroth, 1986 (tab.1); Kosobokova, 1989 (p.26); Kosobokova & al., 1998 (tab.2); Kosobokova & Hirche, 2000 (p.2029, tab.2); Holmes, 2001 (p.55); Auel & Hagen, 2002 (p.1013, tab.2); Sameoto & al., 2002 (p.13); Gaard & al., 2008 (p.59, Table1, N Atlantic Mid-Ridge); Kosobokova & Hopcroft, 2010 (p.96, Table 1, fig.7); Kosobokova & al., 2011 (p.29, Table 2, Rem.: Arctic Basins); Matsuno & al., 2012 (Table 2)
NZ: 8

Distribution map of Undinella oblonga by geographical zones
off Mauritania (in Vives, 1982, p.292), off Bermuda: Station ‘’ S’’ (32°10’N, 64°30’W), Sargasso Sea, Azores, off W Ireland, off E Nova Scotia, off E Newfoundland, S Iceland, W Baffin Bay, Greenland (W & E), Spitzbergen, Arct. (Canadian abyssal plain, Laptev Sea, Lomonosov Ridge, Arct. (Fletcher's Ice Is., Nansen Basin, Amundsen Basin, Makarov Basin, Chukchi Sea, Canada Basin), Okhotsk Sea, Japan (Suruga Bay)
N: 28
(4) F: 2,56; (22) F: 3; M: 2,4-2,5; (134) F: ± 3; M: ± 2,5; (377) F: 2,75; (866) M: 2,4-2,5; (881) F: 2,48-3; M: 2,24-2,5; {F: 2,48-3,00; M: 2,24-2,50}
Rem.: meso-bathypelagic. Sargasso Sea: 1000-1500 m (Deevey & Brooks, 1977, Station "S"). For Markhaseva & al., 2008 (p.2438) in this species (the most primitive representative of the genus) the setation of Mxp was found to share some typical tharybid characteristics, and propose to retain Undinella in the family Tharybidae.
Last update : 02/02/2015
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