Species Card of Copepod
Cyclopoida ( Order )
    Oncaeidae ( Family )
        Oncaea ( Genus )
Oncaea platysetosa  Boxshall & Böttger, 1987   (F)
Boxshall & Böttger, 1987 (p.560, Descr.F, figs.F); Brugnanno & al., 2009 (p.354, Rem.)
Species Oncaea platysetosa - Plate 1 of morphological figuresissued from : G.A. Boxshall & R. Böttger in J. Plankton Res., 1987, 9 (3). [p.561, Fig.5].
Female (from Central Red Sea): A, habitus (dorsal); B, idem (lateral view showing orientation of modified setae); C, urosome (dorsal); D, A1 (anteroventral); E, A2 (anterior); F, labrum (ventral); G, Md (anterior); H, Mx1 (anterior); I, Mx2 (anterior).
Scale bars 0.010 mm unless otherwise indicated).

Nota: Body comprising 5-segmented prosome and 5-segmented urosome; ratio P/U: 1.4:1.0. Entire body surface pitted, including the caudal rami and labrum. Proportional lengths of urosome somites and caudal rami 11:50:6:6:13:13. Caudal rami about 1.7 times longer than wide; armed with a short lateral seta situated about midway along margin and a short outer distal angle seta; dorsal seta, inner distal angle seta and both posterior setae flattened and oar-shaped (with red coloration when caught). P5 represented by a long, flattened dorsal seta and a slender ventral seta. P6 represented by the operculum closing off the genital apertures, armed with a short spine.

Species Oncaea platysetosa - Plate 2 of morphological figuresissued from : G.A. Boxshall & R. Böttger in J. Plankton Res., 1987, 9 (3). [p.562, Fig.6].
Female: A, Mxp (anterior); B-E, P1 to P4 (anterior views).
Nota: Outer seta on basis of each swimming leg flattened, club-shaped and dorsolaterally directed

Compl. Ref.:
Böttger-Schnack, 1994 (p.277); 1995 (p.92); Böttger-Schnack & al., 2001 (p.1029, tab.1, 2); Böttger-Schnack & al., 2004 (p.1130, tab.1, Rem.)
NZ: 2

Distribution map of Oncaea platysetosa by geographical zones
G. of Aqaba, Red Sea (N-S), Gulf of Aden
N: 4
(684) F: 0,25-0,24; {F: 0,24-0,25}
Rem.: epipelagic.
Boxshall & Böttger (1987, p.563) point out: The presence of modified oar-shaped or club-shaped setae on the appendages and caudal rami of Oncaea species has not been reported before. It is possible that there is intraspecific vatiation in setal morphology as Nishida (1985) found a modified club-shaped seta on the swimming legs of some specimens of Oithona setigera but a typical tapered seta on others. Oncaea atlantica, O. platysetosa and O. vodjanitskii are closely related, each having a modified apex on the endopod of P2 and P3. O. minima also shares this character and these four species form a well-defined group within the genus Oncaea.
Last update : 26/01/2015
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