Species Card of Copepod
Cyclopoida ( Order )
    Oncaeidae ( Family )
        Oncaea ( Genus )
Oncaea tenella  Sars, 1916   (F)
Sars, 1916 (p.12, figs.F); Rose, 1933 a (302, figs.F); Sars, 1938 (p.49, figs.F); Malt, 1982 (p.193); no Malt & al.,1989 (p.953, Redescr.F,M, figs.F,M); Vives & Shmeleva, 2010 (p.308, figs.F,M, Rem.); Böttger-Schnack & Schnack, 2013 (p.12: Table 3, p.21, Rem.)
Species Oncaea tenella - Plate 1 of morphological figuresissued from : M. Rose in Faune de France, 26. [p.302, Fig.389].
Female (from Sars, 1916): A, habitus (dorsal); B, Mxp; C, endopod of P4.

Species Oncaea tenella - Plate 2 of morphological figuresissued from : G.O. Sars in Res. Camp. scient. Prince Albert Ier Monaco, 1938. [Pl. I, Fig.2].
mp2 = Mxp; r.i. = endopodite.

Compl. Ref.:
Wilson, 1942 a (p.199); Sewell, 1948 (p.393, 486); Fagetti, 1962 (p.45); Shmeleva, 1964 a (p.1068); 1965 b (p.1350, lengths-volume -weight relation); Mazza, 1966 (p.73); Pavlova, 1966 (p.45); Peterson & Miller, 1975 (p.650); 1976 (p.14, Table 1, 2, 3, abundance vs interannual variations); 1977 (p.717, Table 1, seasonal occurrence); Kovalev & Shmeleva, 1982 (p.85); Greze & al., 1985 (p.8); Hure & Krsinic, 1998 (p.104); Harvey & al., 1999 (p.1, 49: Appendix 5, in ballast water vessel); Khelifi-Touhami & al., 2007 (p.327, Table 1); Uysal & Shmeleva, 2012 (p.909, Table I); Zaafa & al., 2014 (p.67, Table I, occurrence); El Arraj & al., 2017 (p.272, table 2, spatial distribution);
NZ: 7

Distribution map of Oncaea tenella by geographical zones
Species Oncaea tenella - Distribution map 3issued from : A.A. Shmeleva in Bull. Inst. Oceanogr., Monaco, 1965, 65 (n°1351). [Table 6: 42]. Oncaea tenella (from South Adriatic).
Dimensions, volume and Weight wet. Means for 50-60 specimens. Volume and weight calculated by geometrical method. Assumed that the specific gravity of the Copepod body is equal to 1, then the volume will correspond to the weight.
Caribbean, Bermuda, Moroccan coast, Ibero-moroccan Bay, off W Tangier, Medit. (Algiers Bay, Gulf of Annaba, Adriatic Sea, N Aegean Sea, N Lebanon Basin, Lebanon coast), off S Easter Is., off E Samoa Is., off E Hawaii, off W California, Oregon (Yaquina, off Newport), off Chile
N: 14
(51) F: 0,35; M: 0,3; (697) F: 0,39-0,34; M: 0,32-0,29; {F: 0,34-0,39; M: 0,29-0,32}
Rem.: Mesopelagic.
For Böttger-Schnack & Schnack (2013, p.21) currently belonging to the zernovi-group, is only partly resolved and requires re-examination of Sars's original materiel (see Böttger-Schnack, 2002).
Last update : 28/10/2022
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By Ruth Böttger-Schnack 2010-03-04 11:23:46    ( Citation of this remark )
Oncaea tenella Sars is closely related to O. zernovi Shmeleva and O. bispinosa Böttger-Schnack, representing the zernovi-complex within the Oncaeidae (Böttger-Schnack & Huys 1998). The three species are very similar in body length and overall habitus, but differ in the spine count on the swimming legs (cf. Böttger-Schnack 2002, table II, III, IV). A review of the existing zoogeographical data of O. tenella showed that to date, no reliable morphological description of the species other than the initial record from the western Mediterranena Sea, near the Moroccan coast (Sars 1916) has been published and its zoogeographical distribution is unknown (cf. Böttger-Schnack 2002, p.1127).

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