Species Card of Copepod
Calanoida ( Order )
    Diaptomoidea ( Superfamily )
        Temoridae ( Family )
            Eurytemora ( Genus )
Eurytemora americana  Williams, 1906   (F,M)
Syn.: E. thompsoni Willey, 1923; Brodsky, 1950 (1967) (p.286, figs.F,M); Peterson & Miller, 1975 (p.650);
E. transversalis Campbell, 1930 (p.179); Brodsky, 1950 (1967) (p.288, figs.F,M);
E. kieferi Smirnov, 1931; Brodsky, 1950 (1967) (p.287, figs.F,M)
Gurney, 1933 a (p.369, figs.F,M); Jespersen, 1940 (p.42, figs.F,M); Brodsky, 1950 (1967) (p.285, figs.F,M); Heron, 1964 (p.206, Rem.F,M, figs.F,M); Shih & al., 1971 (p.46, 152, 207); Katona, 1971 (p.5, 16, Rem.); Heron & Damkaer, 1976 (p.128); Kos, 1977 a (p.33, Rem.F,M, figs.F,M); 1985 (p.227); Gardner & Szabo, 1982 (p.316, figs.F,M); Dussart & Defaye, 1983 (p.48); Hoffmeyer & al., 2000 (p.111, Rem.); G. Harding, 2004 (p.19, figs.F,M); Brylinski, 2009 (p.255, figs.F,M)
Species Eurytemora americana - Plate 1 of morphological figuresIssued from : K.A. Brodskii in Calanoida of the Far Eastern Seas and Polar Basin of the USSR. Opred. Fauna SSSR, 1950, 35 (Israel Program for Scientific Translations, Jerusalem, 1967) [p.288, Fig.196] . As Eurytemora kieferi, After Smirnov, 1931.
Female (from Western shore of Vancouver Island): La, head; posterior part of thoraic segment (dirsal and lateral); S5, P5.

Male: S5, P5.

Species Eurytemora americana - Plate 2 of morphological figuresIssued from : K.A. Brodskii in Calanoida of the Far Eastern Seas and Polar Basin of the USSR. Opred. Fauna SSSR, 1950, 35 (Israel Program for Scientific Translations, Jerusalem, 1967) [p.287, Fig.195]. As Eurytemora thompsoni.
Female (from Bering Sea): habitus (dorsal and lateral right side); urosome (dorsal); S5, P5.

Male: habitus (dorsal); S5, P5.

Species Eurytemora americana - Plate 3 of morphological figuresissued from : G.A. Heron in Crustaceana, 1964, 7 (3). [p.207, Figs.19-26].
Female (from Kivalina Lagoon, NW Alaska): 19, habitus (dorsal); 20, genital segment (ventral); 21, Md (cutting edge of gnathobase); 22, P5.

Male: 23, habitus (dorsal); 24, right A1 (segments 8-14 with detail of spines); 25, P5 (posterior); 26, detail of apex of left exopod of P5 (anterior).

Species Eurytemora americana - Plate 4 of morphological figuresissued from : J.-M. Brylinski in Cah. Biol. Mar., 2009, 50. [p.254, Fig.2].
Female (from Dunkirk harbour): E, habitus (dorsal); F, detail of genital segment (ventral); G, urosome with spermatophore (sp) (lateral); H, P5.

Male: A, right A1; B, detail of segments 8-12 with spines; C, urosome; D, P5 (posterior).

Species Eurytemora americana - Plate 5 of morphological figuresissued from : G. Harding in Key to the adullt pelagic calanoid copepods found over the continental shelf of the Canadian Atlantic coast. Bedford Inst. Oceanogr., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 2004. [p.19].
Female & Male.
L = left leg; R = right leg.

Compl. Ref.:
Wilson, 1932 (p.24); Deevey, 1960 (p.5, Table II, fannual abundance); Faber, 1966 (p.191: Rem.); Frolander & al., 1973 (p.277, annual cycles); Peterson & Miller, 1977 (p.717, Table 1, seasonal occurrence); Tremblay & Anderson, 1984 (p.6, Rem.); Marcus & al., 1994 (p.154, Rem. p.157); Mauchline, 1998 (tab.40, 47, 61); Biancalana & al., 2007 (p.83, Tab.2, 3); Darnis & al., 2008 (p.994, Table 1); Berasategui & al., 2009 (p.82); Brylinski, 2009 (p.253, Tab.1); DiBacco & al., 2012 (p.483, Table S1, ballast water transport); Menéendez & al., 2012 (p.389, Table 1: seasonal abundance); Menéndez & al., 2012 (p.11, variability vs physical processes); Berasategui & al., 2012 (p.380, egg morphology vs seasonal variation); Fernandez-Severini & al., 2013 (p.1495, heavy metals concentrations)
Arct., SE Beaufort Sea, North America, Pettaquamscutt estuary, Delaware Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, G. of St. Lawrence, Iceland, English Channel, Dunkerque Harbour, Strait of Dover, British Columbia, San Juan Is., Oregon (off Newport), Yaquina Bay, NW Pacif., Kamchatka, Bering Sea, Argentina (Bahia Blanca), Ushuaia
N: 26
(22) F: 1,85-1,6; 1,6-1,14; M: 0,95-0,75; 1,05-1,02; 1,6; (564) F: 1,58-1,2; M: 1,43-1,22; (565) F: 1,82-1,11; M: 1,53-1,04; (566) F: 1,75-1,17; M: 1,7-1,05; (571) F: 1,58-1,35; M: 1,43-1,22; (846) F: 1,42-1,16; {F: 1,11-1,85; M: 0,75-1,70}
Rem.: Incomplete data. Littoral: brackish; in pools not connected with the sea (near Lancing, Sussex)
This species observed in Argentina, could have been introduced by ships.
For Brylinski (2009, p.255) this species resent in the wet docks of Dunkirk harbour (salinity < 31 p.1000) was probably imported in from bakllasts water tankers.
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