Species Card of Copepod
Calanoida ( Order )
    Clausocalanoidea ( Superfamily )
        Aetideidae ( Family )
            Pseudotharybis ( Genus )
Pseudotharybis magnus  (Grice & Hulsemann, 1970)   (M)
Syn.: Aetideopsis magna Grice & Hülsemann, 1970 (p.188, Descr.M, figs.M)
Bradford, 1976 a (p.9); Bradford & Jillett,1980 ( p.74, 76: Rem.); Markhaseva & Schulz, 2008 (p.48, Rem)
Species Pseudotharybis magnus - Plate 1 of morphological figuresIssued from : G.D. Grice & K. Hülsemann in Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool., Harvard, 1970, 139 (4). [p.198-199, Pl. I, Figs. 3-19]. As Aetideopsis magna.
Male (from 39°45.2'N, 70°33.8'W): 3-4, habitus (dorsal and lateral, respectively); 5, 4th and 5th thoracic segment§s and 1st abdominal segment (lateral); 6, forehead (lateral); 7, rostrum (ventral); 8, right A1; 9, A2; 10, Md palp; 11, Mx1; 12, Mx2; 13, Mxp; 14, P1; 15, P2 (exopod broken short); 16, P3 (exopod and endopod broken short); 17, P4 (exopod broken short); 18, P5; 19, tip of left P5.

Nota: Head and 1st thoracic segment fused, 4th and 5th thoracic segments partially fused.
- Abdomen 5-segmented, 2nd segment largest, anal segment very short.
- Rostrum 2-pointed, small.
- Posterolateral margin of 5th thoracic segment more or less rounded with posteriorly directed small spine.
- A1 reaching 3rd thoracic segment. Rifgt A1 segments 8 and 9, 20 and 21 fused. Left A1 segments 8 and 8 only fused. Large aesthetascs on segments 2 to 9.
- Exopod of A2 shorter than endopod.
- Basal segment of Md palp devoid of setae. Md blade (= gnathobase) rudimentary.
- Mx1 and Mx2 reduced.
- 2nd basipodal segment of Mxp slender, slightly longer than the 1st.
- Endopod of P1 1-segmented, of P2 2-segmented, of P4 3-segmented. Exopod of P1 3-segmented, of other legs broken short;
Posterior side of P2 and P4 with patches of short hair.
- P5 asymmetrical, left side longer than right. Endopods slender, 1-segmented. Exopod of right P5 ending with slender point. 2nd exopodal segment of left P5 with setae distally, 3rd segment small with hair at tip.

Compl. Ref.:
Bradford-Grieve, 2004 (p.283)
NZ: 1

Distribution map of Pseudotharybis magnus by geographical zones
NW Atlant. (off Woods Hole).

Type locality: 39°45.2' N, 70°33.8' W.
N: 1
(200) M: 4,56-4,2; {M: 4,20-4,56}
Rem.: Bathyal (1750-1820 m), epibenthic.
The belonging to this genus was suggested by Bradford (1976 a). For Markhaseva & Schulz (2008, p.48) this form shares some characters with the male of Parabradyidius angelikae Schulz & Markhaseva, 2000; thus, until new morphological data of Aetideopsis magna are reported its taxonomic affiliation remains unsettled.
Last update : 20/04/2017
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