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Calanoida ( Order )
    Clausocalanoidea ( Superfamily )
        Euchaetidae ( Family )
            Euchaeta ( Genus )
Euchaeta paraconcinna  Fleminger, 1957   (F,M)
Syn.: Euchaeta gladiofera Gaudy, 1963 b (p.9, Descr.F, figs.F);
Paraeuchaeta paraconcinna : Bradford & al., 1983 (p.23)
Fleminger, 1957 b (p.358, figs.F,M); Vervoort, 1963 b (p.163, Rem.); Binet & Dessier, 1971 (p.427, Rem.); Park, 1975 c (p.6, figs.F,M); Park, 1995 (p.20, Rem.F,M, figs.F,M); Bradford-Grieve & al., 1999 (p.880, 925, figs.F,M)
Species Euchaeta paraconcinna - Plate 1 of morphological figuresissued from : T. Park in Bull. Scripps Inst. Oceanogr. Univ. California, San Diego, 1995, 29. [p.119, Fig.9].
Female (from Gulf of Mexico): a, forehead (left side); b, urosome (left side); c, genital somite (left side); d, idem (dorsal view); e, idem (right side); f, idem (ventral view); g, first leg (anterior); h, second leg (anterior).
Nota: Similar in habitus to E. concinna.
Rostrum only slightly curved backward.
Distal end of prosome on each side broadly rounded in both dorsal and lateral view.
Dorsally as well as ventrally, genital somite asymmetrical with smoothly curved left side and a toothlike process in distal half of right side. Viewed from left side, genital prominence with a rounded tubercle at its anterior base and its posterior side perpendicular to ventral wall of somite. Left genital flange relatively large, followed by a tubercle on genital prominence and another on ventral wall of somite.
Cephalosomal appendages and swimming legs almost identical to those of E; concinna.

Male: i, forehead (left side); j, exopod of left 5th leg (anterior); k, idem (mdial); l, distal end of serrated lamella (anterior).

Species Euchaeta paraconcinna - Plate 2 of morphological figuresissued from : R. Gaudy in Rec. Trav. St. Mar. Endoume, 1963, 30 (45). [p.10, 11, Pl.I, Pl. II]. As Euchaeta gladiofera.

Female: Pl. I: 1, habitus (dorsal view); 2, anterior part of the head (left lateral view); 3, genital somite (left lateral view); 4, idem (ventral view); 5, first leg; 6, second leg; 3; 7, third leg; 8, fourth leg.

Female: Pl. II: 1, A2; 2, Mx1; 3, Md; 4, Mx2; 5, Mxp; 6, distal parts of seta of Mxp.

Species Euchaeta paraconcinna - Plate 3 of morphological figuresissued from : A. Fleminger in Fish. Bull. Fish Wildl. Serv., 1957, 57 (117). [p.360, Pl. 2].
Female (from G. of Mexico): 1, cephalon (lateral); 2, genital segment (lateral); 3, Md (cutting edge); 4, urosome (lateral); 5, habitus (dorsal).; 7, genital segment (ventro-lateral); 8, same (ventral); 11, P2 (exopodite); 15, P1

Male: 6, posterior part of prosome with P5 and urosome (lateral); 9, left P5 (terminal segments; lateral); 10, left P5 (terminal segments; medial); 12, P2; 13, left P5 (terminal segments; anterior); 14, P5 (posterior); 16, P1

Species Euchaeta paraconcinna - Plate 4 of morphological figuresissued from : T. Park in Smiths. Contr. Zool., 1975, 196. [p.6, Fig.2].
Female (G. of Mexico): a, forehead (lateral); b, genital segment (right side); c, same (ventral).
fe = frontal eminence.

Male: d, forehead (lateral); e, exopod of left P5 (anterior); f, same (medial).

Nota: This species was found to be very common in the upper 100 m, with its bathymetrical distribution ranging down to a depth of about 200 m.

Species Euchaeta paraconcinna - Plate 5 of morphological figuresEuchaeta paraconcinna Female:
1 - See Key to concinna species Group.
2 - Dorsally, genital somite asymmetrical with conspicuous outgrowth on right side (Fig.9-d);
3 - Dorsally, genital somite with toothlike outgrowth on right side (Fig.9-d).
4 - Dorsally, genital somite with left side smoothly bulging (Fig.9-d).

Compl. Ref.:
Neto & Paiva, 1966 (p.23, Table III); Bainbridge, 1972 (p.61, Appendix Table I: vertical distribution vs day/night, Table II: %, Table IV: seasonal occirrence); Binet & al., 1972 (p.69); Deevey & Brooks, 1977 (p.256, tab.2, Station "S"); Dessier, 1979 (p.201, 205); Brenning, 1984 (p.2, T-S diagram, Rem.); 1985 a (p.23, fig.9, Table 2); Suarez-Morales & Gasca, 1998 a (p.109); Mauchline, 1998 (tab.30, 42, 47); Lopez-Salgado & al., 2000 (tab.1); Dias & Bonecker, 2006 (p.1); Schnack-Schiel & al., 2010 (p.2064, Table 2: E Atlantic subtropical/tropical); Medellin-Mora & Navas S., 2010 (p.265, Tab. 2); Lidvanov & al., 2013 (p.290, Table 2, % composition)
NZ: 5

Distribution map of Euchaeta paraconcinna by geographical zones
Species Euchaeta paraconcinna - Distribution map 2issued from : U. Brenning in Wiss. Z. Wilhelm-Pieck-Univ. Rostock - 33. Jahrgang 1981. Mat.-nat. wiss. Reihe, 6. [p.2, Fig.1].
T-S Diagram for Euchaeta marina, E. acuta, E. hebes (= Paraeuchaeta hebes), E. paraconcinna from NW Africa.

SO: Southern Surface Water (S °/oo: 34,50; T°C: 29,0); ND: Northern Water of the Surface Layer (S °/oo: 37,5; T°C: 21,0); SD: Southern Deep Water of the surface layer (S °/oo: 35,33; T°C: 13,4). See commentary in Temora stylifera and Brenning (1985 a, p.6).
Angola, Baia Farta, Congo, G. of Guinea, Ivorian shelf, Sierra-Leone, Dakar,Morocco-Mauritania, Coastal area of Bahia, off Amazon, Caribbean Sea, Caribbean, G. of Mexico, North Carolina, off Bermuda: Station "S" (32°10'N, 64°30'W)
N: 22
(3) F: 2,56-2,38; M: 2,6-2,36; (14) F: 2,8-2,4; M: 2,3-2,25; (19) F: 2,32-2,80; M: 2,36-2,65; (395) F: ± 2,7; (553) F: 3,23-2,79; M: 2,64-2,49; (1111) F: 2,63-3,04; M: 2,4-2,59; {F: 2,32-3,23; M: 2,36-2,65}

The mean female size is 2.696 mm (n = 11; SD = 0.2803), and the mean male size is 2.464 mm (n = 10; SD = 0.1487). The size ratio (male : female) is 0.912 (n = 5; SD = 0.0593), or ± 91 %. In samples, the sex ratio (female : male ) is temporary 1.2.
Rem.: epipelagic - ?. Sargasso Sea: 0-500 m (Deevey & Brooks, 1977, station "S").
For Park (1995, p.18) the species belongs to ''concinna'' Group. Originally described from the Gulf of Mexico and Onslow Bay (North Carolina) has subsequently been recorded from the Gulf of Guinea along the coast from Sierra Leone to Angola and the Caribbean Sea. For Park, E. gladiofera Gaudy (1963), described from off Dakar a junior synonym.
Park (1995, p.20) found this species from the Gulf of Mexico.
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