Biology, Diversity and Geographic Distribution
of Marine Planktonic Copepods

(sensu lato)

(from 1883 to 2017/2019)

Calanoida, Platycopioida, Misophrioida, Mormonilloida, Cyclopoida (gnathostomes and poecilostomes), Siphonostomatoida, Harpacticoida, Monstrilloida, Thaumatopsylloida

Last update : 26/10/2020 (  List of the updates )

by  Claude Razouls   ,  Francis de Bovée,  Juliana Kouwenberg

and Nicolas Desreumaux

Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls sur Mer
Sorbonne University - CNRS/INSU

Laboratoire Arago, Banyuls sur Mer, France


Abstract :

Encyclopedia : reference work (book, set of books or digital document) aimed at synthesizing all the known resources for building knowledge and showing their organization in such a way as to make them accessible to the public, for the purpose of education, information or support for cultural memory. English translation of the beginning of Encyclopédie (Wikipédia)

This work is totally in line with this encyclopedic spirit.

The result is a site, unique in the world for marine planktonic copepods, and created at the Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls sur Mer. It is the fuit of more than 50 years of research coordinated by Claude Razouls and of multiple collaborations at the international level.

It presents a complete interactive database of all described marine planktonic copepods, including :

  • Taxonomic classification with references
  • Illustrated and referenced species database
  • A geographic distribution in the world's oceans and seas, with division in zones and subzones

The database was compiled from a bibliographic search of 9730 relevant scientific publications, taking into account the actual state of synonymy.

Species Centropages gracilis - Plate of morphological figures It comprises 342 genera, and 2692 studied species with geographic distribution.

The species cards are progressively enriched with elements such as figure plates, maps, graphs or charts, favouring the rare documents.

Currently, 20028 elements have been included, see the example figure opposite.

Miniature plate for Centropages gracilis.   
See the species card

This English version completes a great part of the French version.


Financial support by MarBEF - Taxonomy Clearing System (2006-2007)

 Any use of this site for a publication will be mentioned with the following reference :

Razouls C., de Bovée F., Kouwenberg J. and Desreumaux N., 2005-2020. - Biology, Diversity and Geographic Distribution of Marine Planktonic Copepods. Sorbonne University, CNRS. Available at [Accessed October 27, 2020]

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Marine Planktonic Copepods

Marine Planktonic Copepods


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