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This site is regularly updated. Its last update is of the 19/02/2018.

Last updates of the data
Date Type of data updated    
19/02/2018 Detailed information for 19 species (in total, 230 species of Copepods updated since the 01/01/2018)
19/02/2018 Bibliography : 4 added publications this day. Total: 9106 publications.
19/02/2018 List of the authors studied up to 2013/2014 (Systematic and Zoogeographical aspects only) : 1 added author this day. Total: 3461 authors.
26/12/2017 References of the authors concerning dimensions of the Copepoda : 1 added reference this day. Total: 1230 references.

Marine Planktonic Copepods

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