Fiche d'espèce de Copépode
Calanoida ( Ordre )
    Diaptomoidea ( Superfamille )
        Pontellidae ( Famille )
            Labidocera ( Genre )
Labidocera laevidentata  (Brady, 1883)   (F,M)
Syn.: Pontella laevidentata Brady, 1883 (p.93, figs.M);
L. lävidentatum : Giesbrecht, 1892 (p.446, 447, 773);
Labidocera kröyeri similis (F) Wolfenden, 1905 (1906) (p.1016, figs.F)
Giesbrecht & Schmeil, 1898 (p.137, Rem. M); A. Scott, 1909 (p.166, figs.F,M); Früchtl, 1924 b (p.55); Sewell, 1932 (p.364); Farran, 1936 a (p.116); C.B. Wilson, 1950 (p.246, figs.F,M); Silas & Pillai, 1973 (1976) (p.798, Rem.F, figs.F); Goswami & Goswami, 1979 a (p.259, figs. caryotypes); Greenwood, 1979 (p.101, figs.F); Kimmerer & al., 1985 (p.426); Chihara & Murano, 1997 (p.867, Pl.148,151: F,M); Bradford-Grieve, 1999 b (p.194, figs.F,M, figs.185, 194); Mulyadi, 2002 (p.68, figs.F,M, Rem.); Conway & al., 2003 (p.130, figs.F,M, Rem.); Phukham, 2008 (p.80, figs.F,M)
Espèce Labidocera laevidentata - Planche 1 de figures morphologiquesissued from : J.G. Greenwood in Proc. R. Soc. Qd, 1979, 90. [p.102, Fig.4].
Female (from Moreton Bay, E Australia): a, habitus (dorsal); b, posterior part of prosome and urosome (lateral right side, with right caudal ramus truncated); idem (dorsal); d, P5; e, detail terminal part exopod of P5.
Nota: Characterized by the anterior positioning of cephalic hooks, dorsolateral spines of genital segment, ventral spinules of 2nd urosome segment, asymmetry of anal segment and caudal rami, secondary spinules of spines on P5.

Espèce Labidocera laevidentata - Planche 2 de figures morphologiquesissued from : A. Scott in Siboga-Expedition, 1909, XIX a. [Plate LI, Figs.1-10].
Female (from South Saleyer: between Bahuluwang and Tambolungan Islands): 1, habitus (dorsal); 2, last thoracic segment and urosome (right side); 3, rostrum; 4, A1; 5, endopodite of P2; 6, P5.

Male: 7, last thoracic segment and urosome (dorsal); 8, right A1; 9, grasping segments of right A1; 10, P5.

Espèce Labidocera laevidentata - Planche 3 de figures morphologiquesissued from : E.G. Silas & P.P. Pillai in J. mar. biol. Ass. India, 1973 (1976), 15 (2). [p.799, Fig.11, a-b].
Female (from Indian Ocean): a, urosome (dorsal); b, P5.
Nota: Urosome 3-segmented. Genital segment symmetrical, as long as combined lengths of following segments, a strong spine each on distal dorso-lateral corner. Urosoal segment 2 symmetrical, postero-distal margin with a bifurcated spine, ventro-lateral margin fringed with closely set small spinules. Anal segment asymmetrical. A1 24-segmented. P5 slightly asymmetrical.
Scale as in Calanopia minor.

Espèce Labidocera laevidentata - Planche 4 de figures morphologiquesissued from : Mulyadi in Treubia, 2002, 32; [p.69, Fig.21].
Female (from N Celebes Is.): a, habitus (dorsal); b, forehead (lateral); c, metasomal somite 5 and urosome (lateral); d, P5.

Male: e, habitus (dorsal); f, geniculate region of right A1; g, P5.
Nota: Rows of dorsal spinules on urosomal somites 2 and 3.

Espèce Labidocera laevidentata - Planche 5 de figures morphologiquesIssued from : G.S. Brady in Rep. Scient. Results Voy. Challenger, Zool., 1883, 8 (23). [Pl. XXXVIII, Figs.1-6].
Male (from off Sibago, Philippines): 1, habitus (dorsal); 2, right A1; 3, serrated plates of geniculate region; (magnified); 4, One of the swimming legs; 5, P5; 6, end of left P5 (magnified).

Espèce Labidocera laevidentata - Planche 6 de figures morphologiquesissued from : N. Phukham in Species diversity of calanoid copepods in Thai waters, Andaman Sea (Master of Science, Univ. Bangkok). 2008. [p.161, Fig.35].
Female (from W Malay Peninsula): a-b, habitus (dorsal and lateral, respectively); c-d, urosome (dorsal and lateral, respectively); e, P5./

Male: f-g, habitus (dorsal and lateral, respectively); h, urosome (dorsal); i, P5.

Body length after the drawings: F = 1.711 mm; M = 1.625 mm.

Ref. compl.:
Sewell, 1948 (p.322, 324); Frontier, 1977 a (p.16); Dessier, 1983 (p.89, Tableau 1, Rem., %); Binet, 1984 (tab.3); 1985 (p.85, tab.3); Madhupratap & Haridas, 1986 (p.105, tab.1); Othman & al., 1990 (p.561, 564, Table 1); McKinnon, 1991 (p.471); Shih & Young, 1995 (p.72); Mauchline, 1998 (tab.8); Satapoomin & al., 2004 (p.107, tab.4); Maiphae & Sa-ardrit, 2011 (p.641, Table 2, 3, Rem.)
NZ: 5

Carte de distribution de Labidocera laevidentata par zones géographiques
Madagascar (Nosy Bé), Indian, Maldive Is., Laccadive is., Burma, W Malay Peninsula (Andaman Sea), G. of Thailand, off Phuket, Indonesia-Malaysia, NE Celebes, Philippines, China Seas (East China Sea, South China Sea), Noumea - Panama transect, Australia (Great Barrier, Moreton Bay, Shark Bay, G. of Carpentaria), New Caledonia

Type locality: off Sibago (Philippines)
N: 26
(5) F: 1,95; M: 1,7; (34) F: 1,95; (47) F: 1,6; (78) F: 2,3-2; (256) F: 2,36-2,2; (991) F: 1,6-1,95; M: 1,7; (1087) F: 2,2-2,35; M: 1,9-2,1; {F: 1,60-2,36; M: 1,70-2,10}
Rem.: néritique.
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