Fiche d'espèce de Copépode
Misophrioida ( Ordre )
    Speleophriidae ( Famille )
        Speleophriopsis ( Genre )
Speleophriopsis campaneri  (Boxshall & Iliffe, 1990)   (F)
Syn.: Speleophria n.sp 1 Boxshall, 1989 (p.524);
Speleophria campaneri Boxshall & Iliffe, 1990 (p.602, Descr.F, figs.F); Huys & Boxshall, 1991 (p.89, 90)
Jaume & Boxshall, 1996 (p.990)
Espèce Speleophriopsis campaneri - Planche 1 de figures morphologiquesssued from : G.A. Boxshall & T.M. Iliffe in J. Nat. Hist., 1990, 24. [p.603, Fig.5]. As Speleophria campaneri.
Female (from Angaur Island, Palau): A, habitus (dorsal); B-C, urosome (ventral and lateral, respectively); D, A1.
Scale bars 0.100 mm except D (0.050 mm).
Prosome apparently 4-segmented; with 1st pedigerous somite enclosed laterally and dorsally by posterior carapace-like extension from posterior margin of dorsal shield. Rostrum tapering, ventrally directed, free from labrum. Surface of prosome smooth. Urosome 5-segmented; genital and 1st abdominal somites fused to form genital double somite, bearing partial suture line ventrally. Caudal rami about 1.3 times longer than wide, armed with 2 long distal margin setae, 1 medium length inner distal angle seta, 1 short outer distal angle seta, 1 dorsal seta near the posterolateral margin, 1 long midlateral seta and 1 short seta proximally on lateral margin. A1 27-segmented. P5 uniramous, with small intercoxal sclerite; comprising unarmed coxa, basis bearing outer seta, and a 2-segmented exopod. P6 represented by plate overlying the genital opening with a long seta.

Espèce Speleophriopsis campaneri - Planche 2 de figures morphologiquesssued from : G.A. Boxshall & T.M. Iliffe in J. Nat. Hist., 1990, 24. [p.604, Fig.6]. As Speleophria campaneri.
Female: A, rostrum (lateral; B, A2; C, Md; D, Mx1; E, Mx2.All scale bars 0.050 mm.
Nota: A2 with sympod partly subdivided into coxa and basis, both unarmed; endopod 2-segmented; exopod 6-segmented. md palp with 2-segmented endopod and 4-segmented exopod. Mx1 with praecoxal arthrite bearing 14 elements on and around the distal margin, including 2 setae on posterior surface; coxal endite armed with 3 apical setae; outer of coxa represented by 7 setae on lateral surface of segment; basal endites armed with 3 long curved setae; basal exite represented by small seta on outer surface segment; maxillulary palp biramous with 2-segmented endopod and 1-segmented exopod; 1st endopod segment with 2 midmargin and 2 distal setae, 2nd segment small with 5 setae on outer surface; exopod armed with 2 short setae on lateral margin and 7 long plumose setae distally, madial margin with row of spinules. Mx2 6-segmented: praecoxa, coxa , basis and a 3-segmented ramus.

Espèce Speleophriopsis campaneri - Planche 3 de figures morphologiquesssued from : G.A. Boxshall & T.M. Iliffe in J. Nat. Hist., 1990, 24. [p.606, Fig.7]. As Speleophria campaneri.
Female: A, Mxp; B-E, P1 to P4.
All scale bars 0.050 mm.
Nota: Mxp 8-segmented, with 2-segmented protopod comprising syncoxa and basis, and 6-segmented ramus.

NZ: 1

Carte de distribution de Speleophriopsis campaneri par zones géographiques
W Pacif.: Palau (Ngamduk Cave, Angaur Is.)
N: 1
(612) F: 0,526; {F: 0,53}
Rem.: From cave.
For Boxshall & Iliffe (1990, p.607) a single egg was attached loosely to the ventral surface of the genital double-somite. It is large (about 0.040 mm in diameter), and its medial position suggests that eggs are released singly in this species.
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