Fiche d'espèce de Copépode
Calanoida ( Ordre )
    Epacteriscoidea ( Superfamille )
        Epacteriscidae ( Famille )
            Cryptonectes ( Genre )
Cryptonectes brachyceratus  Fosshagen & Iliffe, 2004   (F)
Fosshagen & Iliffe, 2004 (p.122, figs.F)
Espèce Cryptonectes brachyceratus - Planche 1 de figures morphologiquesissued from : A. Fosshagen & T.A. Iliffe in Sarsia, 2004, 89. [p.124, Fig.4].
Female (from Bahamas): A-B, habitus (lateral and dorsal, respectively); C, rostrum; D, A1; E, A2; F, Md.

Nota : Body with ratio of prosome length to urosome length 2.7 :1. Cephalosome with middle of lateral margin deeply concave. Urosome 3-segmented ; last two urosomites of equal length, last one with distal undulate frill. Caudal rami symmetrical, seta II short and spinous. Rostrum elongate lobe with 2 filaments at tip.
A1 25-segmented, short, reaching slightly beyond 1st pedigerous somite ; segments I-III fused, segments VIII-XIII much condensed ; seta on segment IX greatly elongate, aesthetascs on segments XIV-XVIII relatively well developed, elements on terminal segment relatively short.
A2 with exopod about double length of endopod ; 1st segment of endopod with 2 equal setae near distal inner margin, distal segment well developed with 9 setae on inner lobe and 7 setae on elongate terminal lobe.
Md with very strong gnathobase bearing strong bifid ventral-most tooth, rounded at tip ; row of 4 rounded major teeth with minor additional teeth, and unipinnate dorsal seta ; palp with reduced 1-segmented endopod bearing 3 setae ; exopod 4-segmented and normally developed.

Espèce Cryptonectes brachyceratus - Planche 2 de figures morphologiquesissued from : A. Fosshagen & T.A. Iliffe in Sarsia, 2004, 89. [p.125, Fig.5].
Female: A, Mx1; B, Mx2; C, Mxp; D, P1; E, P2; F, P3.

Nota :
Mx1 praecoxal arthite with 12 elements, most spinous setae relatively long ; coxal endite and basal endites wit 2, 2 and 1 setae, respectively ; coxal epipodite with 5 long setae ; endopod 2-segmented with 2 small setae along inner margin and 5 terminal long setae ; exopod with 8 setae concentratd distally.
Mx2 with well-developed endites on syncoxa bearing relatively short and stout setae, proximal endite with 5 setae ; basal endite situated near middle of inner margin ; endopod much condensed with strong claw-like spinous setae.
Mxp with minute seta on praecoxal endite, most setae on coxa rather spinous and curved ; basis with 3 setae along distal margin, proximal and distal seta of subequal length, middle seta short ; endopod 5-segmented with first two segments partially fused, 1st segment with 1 short and 1 long modified seta (not shown in figure), most long setae on endopod modified distally with long setules and ending in thin flexible tip.

Espèce Cryptonectes brachyceratus - Planche 3 de figures morphologiquesissued from : A. Fosshagen & T.A. Iliffe in Sarsia, 2004, 89. [p.127, Fig.6].
Female: A, P4; B, P5.

Male: C, urosome (dorsal); D, right A1; E, P5 (posterior view); F, right exopod of P5 (anterior view).
Nota: Body with ratio of prosome length to urosome length 2.6:1. Urosome 4-segmented; distinct striate frill on posterior margin of urosomites 2 and 3. Rostrum as in female. Right A1 21-segmented with segments II-IV fused; anteroventral margin of segment 20 with pointed process. P5 asymmetrical , greatest modifications distally on exopods; left basis with inner margin produced into long pointed process; 2nd endopodal segment longer and broader on right than on left side, with distal outer margin on right side produced into curved and rounded process; left exopod 2-segme,yrd, 1st segment with strong smooth outer spine, 2nd segment with 2 unequal setae along outer margin, proximal seta shortest; outer corner of segment transformed into falcate process, seta with bulbous base situated medially on inner margin of segment; right esopod 3-segmented, 1st and 2nd segments with strong and smooth outer spine, 1 on 2nd segment slightly curved and mongest, 3rd segment bearing falcate process with long thin outer seta and thick inner seta near base.

NZ: 1

Carte de distribution de Cryptonectes brachyceratus par zones géographiques
Bahamas (anchialine caves)
N: 1
(884) F: 1,16; 1,25; {F: 1,16 – 1,25}
Rem.: Anchialine caves
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