Fiche d'espèce de Copépode
Monstrilloida ( Ordre )
    Monstrillidae ( Famille )
        Monstrillopsis ( Genre )
Monstrillopsis fosshageni  Suarez-Morales & Dias, 2001   (M)
Suarez-Morales & Dias, 2001 a (p.79, Descr.M, figs.M); Suarez-Morales & al., 2006 (p.102, Tab.1)
Espèce Monstrillopsis fosshageni - Planche 1 de figures morphologiquesIssued from : E. Suarez-Morales & C. Dias in Bull. Inst. R. Scienc. Nat. Belqique, 2001, 71. [p.77, Figs.35-37].
Male (from 20°15'56''S, 40°13'15''W): 35, habitus (dorsal; A1 cut shoret); 36, habitus (lateral); 37, left A1 (dorsal).

- Cephalothorax representing about 47% of body length (caudal rami excluded).
- Oral papilla much reduced, represented by rounded , low protuberance located 0.24 of way back along ventral surface of cephalothorax.
- Ocelli present, very reduced, unpigmented, rounded in dorsal view.
- Cephalic sensillae not seen.
- Two chitinized, nipple-like cuticular processes located ventrally between oral papilla and antennular bases (arrowed in fig.38). Above these nipple-like processes, lies a large conical protuberance similar to that described for the male of Cymbasoma (cf. longispinosum).
- Posterior margin of cephalothorax with cuticular process on dorsal surface. Process represented by a row of 4 transverse teeth-like projections directed backwards; near their distal end lies a pair of divergent subtriangular processes apparently borne on a common base (see fig.41). Another sililar, but much reduced process is presenrt on posterior margin of 2nd pedigerous somite (see fig.35).
- A1 relatively long, 5-segmented, clearly separated, representing close to 94% of the cephalothorax length. Length ratio of segments 11.9 : 26.2 : 14.4 : 24.7 : 22.8 = 100.
- 1st pedigerous thoracic somite incorporated into cephalothorax.
- P5 absent from 5th pedigerous somite.
- Genital somite with medial ventral protuberance which is base of a long genital apparatus, nearly cylindrical but having 2 terminal lobes widely divergent. A rounded process is present between bases of lobes. Inner margins of lobes smooth, naked.
- Urosome consisting of probably 4 segments: 5th pedigerous somite, genital somite (with genital complex) and 1 free -anal- somite.
- Caudal rami missing in the specimen.

Espèce Monstrillopsis fosshageni - Planche 2 de figures morphologiquesIssued from : E. Suarez-Morales & C. Dias in Bull. Inst. R. Scienc. Nat. Belqique, 2001, 71. [p.78, Figs.38-43].
Male: 38, anteroventral part of head (lateral), showing cuticular process (arrowed); 39, genital apparatus (lateral); 40, same (semi-ventral view); 41, detail of cuticular processes near the posterior end of cephalothorax; 42, 3rd exopodal segment of P1; 43, same of P3; 44, same of P4.

Espèce Monstrillopsis fosshageni - Planche 3 de figures morphologiquesIssued from : E. Suarez-Morales & C. Dias in Bull. Inst. R. Scienc. Nat. Belqique, 2001, 71. [p.79].
Male: Setae (Arabic numerals) and spines (Roman numerals armament formula of swimming legs P1 to P4.

Espèce Monstrillopsis fosshageni - Planche 4 de figures morphologiquesIssued from : E. Suarez-Morales, A. Bello-Smith & S. Palma in Zool. Anz., 2006, 245. [p.103, Table 1]. Stuctural characteristics.
Morphological characters for comparative morphology of the species assigned to the genus Monstrillopsis by different authorities. See : M. chilensis, M. dubioides, M. dubia, reticulata, sarsi, Cymbasoma gracilis, M. ferrari, M. zernovi, M; angustipes, Monstrillopsis sp.

Ref. compl.:
Dias & Bonecker, 2007 (p.270, 272, fig.3, tab.II); Suarez-Morales, 2011 (p.10, 12)
NZ: 1

Carte de distribution de Monstrillopsis fosshageni par zones géographiques
Brazil (N Cap Sao Tomé: Vitoria)
N: 2
damaged sample
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