Fiche d'espèce de Copépode
Calanoida ( Ordre )
    Diaptomoidea ( Superfamille )
        Pontellidae ( Famille )
            Labidocera ( Genre )
Labidocera boxshalli  El-Sherbiny & Ueda, 2010   (F,M)
El-Sherbiny & Ueda, 2010 (p.24, Descr.F,M, figs.F,M); Andronov, 2014 (p.36, fig.: A2); Abo-Taleb, 2019 (p.367, 369: Key F, M, figs.F, M).
Espèce Labidocera boxshalli - Planche 1 de figures morphologiquesissued from : M. El Sherbiny & H. Ueda in Org. Divers. Evol., 2010, 10. [p.25, Fig.2].
Female (from N Red Sea): a-b, habitus (dorsal and lateral, respectively); c, forehead (lateral); d-e, urosome (dorsal and ventral, respectively); f, A1; g, A2; h, Md (mandibular gnathobase).
Scale bars in mm.

Nota: Cephalosome without lateral hooks. A pair of dorsal lenses. Urosome 2-segmented. Genital double-somite asymmetrical, with pointed process middorsally; genital operculum located on left ventrolateral side. Anal segment very short. Caudal rami symmetrical; each ramus with 5 plumose setae and small dorsal seta. A1 23-segmented, not extending beyond 3rd pedigerous somite; posterior margins of segments 2-13 fringed with fine hairs. A2: coxa with 1 plumose seta posteriorly; basis fused to 1st endopodal segment carrying 2 setae proximally and 2 setae distally; 2nd endopodal segment lamellar, produced into 2 lobes with 9 and 8 setae, respectively; exopod 5-segmented with setal formula 0, 2, 1, 2, 5.

Espèce Labidocera boxshalli - Planche 2 de figures morphologiquesissued from : M. El Sherbiny & H. Ueda in Org. Divers. Evol., 2010, 10. [p.27, Fig.4].
Female: a, Md (mandibular palp); b, Mx1; c, Mx2; d, Mxp; e-h, P1 to P4 (posterior views; i, P5 (posterior).
Scale bars in mm.

Nota: Mx1: praecoxal arthrite with 9 marginal, 4 posterior and 2 anterior setae; coxal endite with 4 unequal apical setae; coxal epipodite with 9 plumose setae; basal endite with 3 unequal setae; basis with long seta representing exite; basis fused to endopod with total of 12 setae; exopod fused to basis, with 10 setae along distal margin. mx2: praecoxa with proximal endite carrying 6 setaze and patch of spinules; distal praecoxal endite with 2 long and 1 short seta and 4 long spinules; 1st and 2nd coxal endites as well as basal endite each with 2 long and 1 short seta; endopod reduced, indistinctly segmented, bearing 6 setae.. Mxp: syncoxa with 2, 3 and 3 setae on 1st to 3rd endites, respectively; basis without seta and fringed with row of spinules on medial margin; endopod 5-segmented, segments 1 and 2 each with 2 long setae distally, segments 3 and 4 each with distal seta, segment 5 with 3 setae.

Espèce Labidocera boxshalli - Planche 3 de figures morphologiquesissued from : M. El Sherbiny & H. Ueda in Org. Divers. Evol., 2010, 10. [p.27, Table 1].
Female: Seta and spine formula of swimming legs P1 to P4.

Espèce Labidocera boxshalli - Planche 4 de figures morphologiquesissued from : M. El Sherbiny & H. Ueda in Org. Divers. Evol., 2010, 10. [p.28, Fig.6].
Female: a-d, variation in middorsal process on genital double-somite.
Scale bar in mm.
Nota: The shape of the mid-dorsal process varies among individuals

Espèce Labidocera boxshalli - Planche 5 de figures morphologiquesissued from : M. El Sherbiny & H. Ueda in Org. Divers. Evol., 2010, 10. [p.28, Fig.5].
Male: a, habitus (dorsal); b, rostrum (frontal view); c, urosome (dorsal); d, right A1; e, P5 (posterior); f, 2nd exopodal segment of P5 (anterior).
Scale bars in mm.

Nota: 2 dorsal eye lenses. Urosome 5-segmented. Caudal rami symmetrica, each with 5 plumose setae and small dorsal seta. Right A1 geniculate, 21-segmented (segments 6-7, 8-9, and 10-12 incompletely fused, respectively); segments 2-7 with longitudinal row of hairs posteriorly.

Espèce Labidocera boxshalli - Planche 6 de figures morphologiquesIssued from : V.N. Andronov in Russian Acad. Sci. P.P. Shirshov Inst. Oceanol. Atlantic Branch, Kaliningrad, 2014. [p.36, Fig.9, 11].
Labidocera boxshalli after El-Sherbiny & Ueda, 2001;
11, exopod of A2.

Espèce Labidocera boxshalli - Planche 7 de figures morphologiquesIssued from : H.A. Abo-Taleb in Egyptian J. Aqua. Res., 2019, 45. [p.369]. Key to species of Labidocera in the Red Sea.
1 - Anterior end of cephalosome rounded without median crest.
2 - Lateral hooks on cephalosome absent.
3 - Urosome 2-segmented.
4 - Caudal rami symmetrical.
5 - P5 exopod tip is 2 superimposed processes.

1 - Anterior end of cephalosome rounded without a median crest.
2 - Last posterolateral end of metasome asymmetrical.
3 - Cephalosome without lateral hooks.
4 - Right P5 with exopod 1 has long thumb, 2 blunt conical processes posteriorly near base of thumb and 1 distal seta.

NZ: 1

Carte de distribution de Labidocera boxshalli par zones géographiques
N Red Sea (off Sharm El-Sheikh, Harbor Bay, Na'ama Bay)
N: 1
(1040) F: 2,38; M: 2,32; {F: 2,38; M: 2,32}
Rem.: epipelagic.L. detruncata group.
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