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Calanoida ( Ordre )
    Pseudocyclopoidea ( Superfamille )
        Boholinidae ( Famille )
            Boholina ( Genre )
Boholina munaensis  Boxshall & Jaume, 2012   (F,M)
Boxshall & Jaume, 2012 (p.57, Descr. F, M, figs. F, M)
Espèce Boholina munaensis - Planche 1 de figures morphologiquesIssued from : G.A. Boxshall & D. Jaume in Zootaxa, 2012, 3150. [p.55, Fig.11].
Female (from 5°10.950'S, 122°34.720'E): A, habitus, dorsal view showing tips of A1 reaching mid-length of final prosome somite; B, uosome (ventral) showing paired gonopores and reduced, hoop-like anal somite (arrowed) entirely telescoped within preceding somite and concealed by extensive intersomitic membrane (only outline of caudal rami shown); C, rostrum and transverse frontal crest (ventral); D, 3rd endopodal segment of P1, showing notch on outer margin; E, 3rd exopodal segment of P4 showing relative lengths of distal spines.
Scale bars: 250 µm (A); 50 µm (B-E).

Nota: Prosome 5-segmenyed; postero-lateral corners of 2nd and 3rd pedigerous somites forming acute posteriorly-directed points.
Frontal margin of dorsal cephalic shield forming elaborate transverse crest of thickened integument; continuous with weakly developed, tapering rostrum (fig.11C)
Postero-lateral corners of posterior double-somite rounded, symmetrical.
Ratio of prosome to urosome length about 2.2: 1.
Urosome 4-segmented.
Genital double-somite symmetrical, with strongly convex lateral margins widest abiut at mid-length; posterior border ornamented with finely hyaline membrane dorsally and strongly but slightly irregularly dentate hyaline membrane ventrally; genital openings paired, more widely separated on mid-ventral surface rhan in B. parapurgata; 1 pair of sensillae present on ventral surface near posterior margin of double-somite.
1st and 2nd free abdominal somites subequal in length, 1st with finely serrated hyaline membrane all around posterior margin, 2nd with posterior margin hyaline membrane expanded mid-ventrally and mid-dorsally, to form double-pointed flap functioning as pseudoperculum concealing anal opening.
Hoop of integument representing anal somite, irregular in thickness (arrowed in fig.11B).
Caudal rami as for B. parapurgata.
A1, A2, Mx1, Mx2 and Mxp all as in B. parapurgata.
P1-P4 as for B. parapurgata except P1 with distinct notch on outer margin of 3rd endopodal segment , and P4 with terminal spine on 3rd exopodal segment about 1.9 times longer than adjacent distolateral spine and about same length as segment.

Espèce Boholina munaensis - Planche 2 de figures morphologiquesIssued from : G.A. Boxshall & D. Jaume in Zootaxa, 2012, 3150. [p.39, Fig.1].
Female: A, P5.
Nota: P5 exopod longer than endopod: tip of endopod reaching almost to level of proximal outer spine on 3rd exopodal segment; distal endopodal segment 2.6 times longer than wide. Outer spines on exopod each with serrate membrane bilaterally. Terminal spine on exopod with serrate membrane externally and finely serrate membrane internally, inner distal spine about 1.4 times longer than terminal spine, both shorter than segment.

Male: B, P5.
Nota: - Prosome 5-segmented, as in female: postero-lateral corners of 2nd and 3rd pedigerous somites forming acute posteriorly-directed points, as in female.
Ratio of prosome to urosome length about 2.3:1.
Urosome 5-segmented.
Genital somite slightly asymmetrical, with single gonopore opening posterolaterally on left side.
Genital and 1st to 3rd free abdominal somites similar in length, although often variably telescoped within preceding somite; each with hyaline membrane aroubd posterior border, except membrane lacking ventrally on genital somiote;
Anus opening terminal, located between caudal rami, concealed beneath pseudoperculum formed by hyaline membrane on 3rd free abdominal somite.
Caudal rami as in female.
P5 strongly asymmetrical; coxae and intercoxal sclerite fused to form common base. Left leg biramous: basis with slender outer basal seta located on posterior surface; exopod 3-segmented, 1st segment with bilaterally serrate outer spine (35 µm in length), 2nd segment modified bearing slightly curved spine (about 56 µm long) on outer margin, 3rd segment highly transtormed bearing several rounded processes, one modified setal element, and a long process terminating in a T-shaped distal expansion; endopod an unarmed lobe, about1.9 times longer than wide. Right leg biramous, basis armed with slender outer basal seta located on posterior surface and ornamented with medial comb of spinules in mid-margin, inner distal corner of basis forming rounded lobe; exopod unsegmented with 2 spines on outer margin; proximal spine shorter than distal spine; curved apical spine (47 µm in length), subapical inner spine (37 µm long); endopod forming an elongate lobe (about 81 µm long), tapering distally, bearing strong, spiniform process originating medially on inner surface.

All scale bars = 50 µm.

NZ: 1

Carte de distribution de Boholina munaensis par zones géographiques
Indonesia (Muna Island).

Type locality: 5°10950'S, 122°34.720' E.
N: 1
(1177) F: 0,7-0,77; M: 0,68; {F: 0,7-0,77; M: 0,68}
Rem.: From Lawou cave in Walengkabola village (Muna Island). On Muna, a dense population was found in a cave spring with a water depth of up to 100 cm and a salinity of only 1.8 ppt.
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