List species and varieties by family
Oithonidae Dana, 1853 ( Cyclopoida )
(1) Dioithona Kiefer, 1935 ( Oithoninae )
Rem.: Vervoort (1964) believes that the creation of this genus rests on a character that is too restrictive and suggests to consider it only as a subgenus of Oithona. This opinion is followed by Wellershaus (1970) who reviews several characters in some Oithona species. Shuvalov (1980, p.86, 169) considers the genus as justified. Meanwhile, after examination of the males and on the basis of a phylogenetic analysis (Abiahy, 2000), Boxshall & Halsey (2004, p.611) restore the validity of the genus Dioithona; for the authors the diagnosis is : Free endopodal segment of mandibular palp with 5 setae; free exopodal segment of P5 with 2 apical setae; male lecking cephalosome flap organ.
5 spp. (including 1 doubtful).

[1] Dioithona indogallica  Lindberg, 1940   (F)    [Figs]

[2] Dioithona minuta  (T. Scott, 1894)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[3] Dioithona oculata  Farran, 1913   (F,M)    [Figs]

[4] Dioithona propinqua  Herbst, 1964   (F)

[5] Dioithona rigida  (Giesbrecht, 1896)   (F,M)    [Figs]

Dioithona rigida aurea    Lindberg, 1950   (F,M)
Syn.: Dioithona rigida aurea Lindberg, 1950 e (p.265, figs.F,M); Oithona (Dioithona) rigida aurea : Shuvalov, 1980 (p.179, figs.F,M)
Loc: Inde (off Madras)
Lg.: (761) F: 0,912-0,789; M: 0,769-0,760; {F: 0,79-0,91; M: 0,76-0,77}
Rem.: Cf. Dioithona rigida

Dioithona rigida elongata    Lindberg, 1950   (F,M)
Syn.: Dioithona rigida elongata Lindberg, 1950 e (p.268, figs.F,M); Oithona (Dioithona) rigida elongata : Shuvalov, 1980 (p.182, figs.F, Rem.M)
Loc: Inde (off Madras)
Lg.: (761) F: 0,874-0,826; M: 0,789-0,732; {F: 0,83-0,87; M: 0,73-0,79}
Rem.: Dioithona rigida
(2) Limnoithona Burckhardt, 1913 ( Limnoithoninae )
Rem.: Diagnosis after Boxshall & Halsey (2004, p.6121): P5 2-segmented, with 3 or 4 spines/setae on distal (exopodal) segment.

[1] Limnoithona sinensis  (Burckhardt, 1912)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[2] Limnoithona tetraspina  Zhang & Li, 1976   (F,M)    [Figs]
(3) Oithona Baird, 1843 ( Oithoninae )
Rem.: Gurney (1927, p.159) points that Sars (1918, p.5) has proposed a new genus Oithonina to receive O. nana. The oithonas without rostrum, of which there are 7 species, agree in having the same spine-formula for the swimming legs (except O. simplex Farran), whereas there is considerable diversity among the rostrate species; but the rostrate group includes species with the formula of O. nana (O. robusta, O. brevicornis), and the absence in the female of the rostrum does not seem sufficient by itself to characterise a genus.
Kiefer (1935) distinguishes two groups of species within the genus Oithona. The first group, Oithona (sensu stricto), is characterised by the very small unique segment of the P5 (narrow and long, or reduced to a protuberance), having only two setae on its extremity. Also, one seta projects at each side on the external angle of the last thoracic segment.
The second group comprises the species in which the segment of the P5 is better developed (oviform) and of which the extremity bears a long plumose seta and a second, smaller seta, directed to the body axis and which has the aspect of a subtle spine (Dioithona). The author underlines the importance of the structure of the P5 in the Cyclopoids of fresh water and thinks that it is, mistakenly, neglected in the Oithonidae family.
The ecophenotypic variations could be important in the Oithonidae family making the identification of the species difficult and the synonymies confusing (Nishida & al., 1977).
These small carnivores, often very abundant, and generally underestimated because of the used mesh size in sampling, deserve a special attentiion because of their role in the pelagic food web. (cf.: Gallienne & Robins, 2001, p.1421).
For Boxshall & Halsey (2004, p.611) following Abiahy (2000), Paroithona is a synonym of Oithona. The diagnosis is : Free endopodal segment of mandibular palp with 2 to 4 setae; free exopodal segment of P5 usually with only 1 seta, if 2 setae present then outer spines on middle exopodal segment of P3 and P4 lacking; male with cephalosome flap organ.

Type: Oithona plumifera Baird,1843. Total: 44 spp. + 6 unidentified.

Oithona abbreviata    Dana, 1853   
Ref.: Giesbrecht, 1892 (p.538)
Rem.: sp. indéterminable

Oithona alia    Kiefer, 1935   (F)
Syn.: Dioithona alia Kiefer, 1935 f (p.323, figs.F)
Ref.: Wellershaus, 1970 (p.473, 481); Gonzalez & Bowman, 1965 (p.274, Rem.); Nishida, 1985 a (p.76, Rem.)
Loc: Inde
Lg.: (349) F: 0,64-0,6
Rem.: Cf. Oithona rigida

[1] Oithona alvarezi  Lindberg, 1955   (F,M)    [Figs]

[2] Oithona amazonica  Burckhardt, 1912   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona amazonica amazonica    Burckhardt, 1912   (F,M)
Ref.: Lindberg, 1955 e (p.466); Reid, 1985 a (p.26, figs.F,M, Rem.)
Loc: Amazone

Oithona amazonica continentalis    Lindberg, 1954   (F,M)
Syn.: Oithona amazonica (s. str.) Burckhardt, 1912
Ref.: Lindberg, 1955 e (p.466); Reid, 1985 a (p.27, fig.F, Rem.)
Loc: Amér. S (Fleuves)
Rem.: Cf. Oithona amazonica

[3] Oithona aruensis  Früchtl, 1923   (F,M)    [Figs]

[4] Oithona atlantica  Farran, 1908   (F,M)    [Figs]

[5] Oithona attenuata  Farran, 1913   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona attenuata latithoracica    Früchtl, 1923   (F)
Ref.: Früchtl, 1923 (p.451, 454); 1924 b (p.22, 71, fig.); Nishida, 1985 a (p.21, 29); 1986 a (p.914)
Loc: Indien, I. Christmas, Is. Aru, mers de Chine, Japon

Oithona attenuata latithoracica f. trisetosa    Früchtl, 1923   (F)
Ref.: Früchtl, 1923 (p.451, 455); 1924 b (p.73)
Loc: Is. Aru

Oithona aurea    Lindberg, 1947   (F,M)
Syn.: Dioithona aurea Lindberg, 1947; Dioithona rigida aurea Lindberg, 1950 e (p.265, figs.F,M)
Ref.: Wellershaus, 1970 (p.473, 481, Rem.); Nishida, 1985 a (p.76, Rem.)
Lg.: (349) F: 0,912; M: 0,769
Rem.: Cf. Dioithona rigida

[6] Oithona australis  Nishida, 1986   (F,M)

[7] Oithona bjornbergae  Ferrari & Bowman, 1980   (F,M)    [Figs]

[8] Oithona bowmani  Rocha, 1985   (F,M)    [Figs]

[9] Oithona brevicornis  Giesbrecht, 1891   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona brevicornis arostrata    Früchtl, 1923   (F,M)
Ref.: Früchtl, 1923 (p.451, 454); 1924 b (p.69, figs.)

Oithona brevicornis aruensis    Früchtl, 1923   (F,M)
Ref.: Früchtl,1923 (p.451, 454); 1924 b (p.22, 66, figs., Rem.); Ferrari, 1981 (p.1244, Rem.); Nishida & Ferrari,1983 (Rem.)
Loc: Is. Aru
Rem.: Cf. Oithona aruensis (M) et ? Oithona wellershausi (F)

Oithona brevicornis minor    Nishida, Tanaka & Omori, 1977   (F,M)
Ref.: Nishida & al., 1977 (p.131, Descr.F,M, figs.); Ferrari, 1981 (p.1244); Nishida & Ferrari, 1983 (p.79); Nishida, 1985 a (p.30, 38, Rem.)
Rem.: Cf. Oithona aruensis , Wellershausi, & davisae

Oithona brevicornis typica    Nishida, Tanaka & Omori, 1977   (F,M)
Ref.: Nishida & al., 1977 (p.129, figs.); Nishida, 1985 a (p.30)
Rem.: Cf. part. Oithona brevicornis

Oithona canhanhae    Oliveira, 1945   (F)
Ref.: Oliveira, 1945 a (p.465, fig.F)
Loc: Brésil (Rio de Janeiro)
Rem.: sp. indéterminable: juv.

Oithona challengerii    Brady, 1883   (F)
Ref.: Brady,1883 (p.97, Descr.F, figs.F); Nishida, 1985 a (p.82)
Loc: Philippines, Australie (off Port Jackson)
Rem.: Cf. Oithona setigera

[10] Oithona colcarva  Bowman, 1975   (F,M)    [Figs]

[11] Oithona cruralis  Tanaka, 1977   (F)    [Figs]

[12] Oithona davisae  Ferrari & Orsi, 1984   (F,M)    [Figs]

[13] Oithona decipiens  Farran, 1913   (F)    [Figs]

[14] Oithona dissimilis  Lindberg, 1940   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona dissimilis oceanica    Lindberg, 1947   
Ref.: Ferrari, 1977 (p.404, Rem.)
Rem.: Cf. Oithona dissimilis

Oithona erythrops    Brady, 1915   (F)
Ref.: Brady, 1915 (p.140, Descr.F, figs.F); Kiefer, 1929 g (p.12); Sewell, 1948 (p.430, Rem)
Loc: Baie de Durban
Rem.: sp. douteuse

[15] Oithona fallax  Farran, 1913   (F,M)    [Figs]

[16] Oithona flemingeri  (Ferrari & Bowman, 1980)   (F)    [Figs]

[17] Oithona fonsecae  Ferrari & Bowman, 1980   (F, ?M)    [Figs]

[18] Oithona fragilis  Nishida, 1979   (F)    [Figs]

[19] Oithona frigida  Giesbrecht, 1902   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona frigida pseudofrigida    Rosendorn, 1917   
Ref.: Rosendorn, 1917 a (p.302); 1917 a (p.19, figs.F); Kiefer, 1929 g (p.6, Rem.); Owre & Foyo, 1967 (p.107, figs.F); Wellershaus, 1970 (p.482); Shuvalov, 1980 (p.107, figs.F); Björnberg & al., 1981 (p.663, 665); Vives, 1982 (p.295)
Rem.: Cf. Oithona pseudofrigida

[20] Oithona gessneri  Kiefer, 1954   (F)

[21] Oithona hamata  Rosendorn, 1917   (F)    [Figs]

[22] Oithona hebes  Giesbrecht, 1891   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona helgolandica    Claus, 1863   (M)
Syn.: non Oithona similis Claus, 1866 (p.14)
Ref.: Claus, 1863 (p.105, figs.M); non [Sars, 1900 (p.119); 1913 (1918) (p.8, figs.F,M)]; 1918 (p.207, Rem.); Giesbrecht, 1902 (p.28, Rem.); Rosendorn, 1917 (p.26, 40, 42, Rem.); Rose, 1933 a (p.281, figs.F,M, Rem.); Davis, 1949 (p.73, fig.F, Rem.F,M); Crisafi, 1959 a (p.49, figs.F,M, Rem.); Ramirez, 1969 (p.87, fig.F, Rem.); Shih & al., 1971 (p.155); Björnberg, 1972 (p.88); Razouls, 1972 (p.105, figs.F,M); Huys & Boxshall, 1991 (p.358, 360, 442, fig.)
Loc: Helgoland, Grande Bretagne (côte du Yorkshire)
Rem.: La description sommaire de cette espèce est faite à partir du mâle, la femelle n'ayant jamais été décrite sinon par synonymie avec O. similis Claus,1866. L'opinion émise par Sars (1918, p.207) semble bien fondée. Dans ces conditions les arguments développés par Crisafi (1959) ne sont pas retenus, et cette espèce est considérée comme douteuse ou synonyme de O. nana comme l'expriment Rosendorn (1917) et Sars (1918). Nishida & al., 1977 (p.151) cosidèrent cette forme comme douteuse. Ainsi les auteurs postérieurs à Claus (1863) qui citent cette forme se réfèrent le plus souvent à Oithona similis.

[23] Oithona horai  Sewell, 1934   (F,M)    [Figs]

[24] Oithona linearis  Giesbrecht, 1891   (F)    [Figs]

[25] Oithona longispina  Nishida, 1977   (F)    [Figs]

[26] Oithona nana  Giesbrecht, 1892   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona nana Form. typical    Nishida, 1985   (F)
Ref.: Nishida, 1985 a (p.55, figs.F)
Loc: Cf. Oithona nana

Oithona nana Form plumosa    Nishida, 1985   (F)
Ref.: Nishida, 1985 a (p.55, Descr.F,M, figs.F)
Ref. compl.: Razai & al., 2004 (p.490, tab.2, Rem.)
Loc: G. Arabe, Ceylan, Straits of Malacca, G. de Thaïlande, Nouvelle-Calédonie

Oithona neotropica    Herbst, 1967   (F,M)
Syn.: ? Oithona oligohalina Fonseca & Björnberg, 1977
Ref.: Herbst, 1967 (p.96, figs.F,M); Fonseca & Björnberg, 1975 (1976) (p.130); Ferrari & Bowman, 1980 (p.15, figs.F, Rem.); Reid, 1985 a (p.28, figs.M, Rem.)
Loc: Venezuela, Honduras (estuaires, lagunes, côte)
Lg.: (624) F: 0,64-0,56; (652) M: 0,51
Rem.: Cf. Oithona oswaldocruzi

[27] Oithona nishidai  McKinnon, 2000   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona oligohalina    Fonseca & Björnberg, 1976   (F,M)
Syn.: ? Oithona oswaldocruzi Oliveira, 1945 a (p.460); ? O. oraemaris Oliveira, 1946 (1947) (p.478); O. hebes : Santos, 1973
Ref.: Fonseca & Björnberg, 1975 (1976) (p.127, figs.F,M); Fonseca & Almeida Prado, 1979 (p.1); Fonseca & Björnberg, 1979 a (p.17, figs.N); Ferrari & Bowman, 1980 (p.17, Rem.); Reid, 1985 a (p.28, figs.F, Rem.); Dussart & Defaye, 1985 (p.10); Sazhina, 1985 (p.86, figs.N))
Loc: Brésil (côte, estuaires, lagunes)
Lg.: (653) F: 0,645-0,582; M: 0,603-0,582
Rem.: Cf. Oithona oswaldocruzi

Oithona oraemaris    Oliveira, 1947   (F)
Ref.: Oliveira, 1946 (1947) (p.478, figs.F)
Loc: Rio de Janeiro
Rem.: sp. douteuse. Cf. Oithona ovalis ou oligohalina

[28] Oithona oswaldocruzi  Oliveira, 1945   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona ovalis    Herbst, 1955   (F,M)
Syn.: non O. ovalis : Wellershaus, 1970 (p.477, 480, Rem.F,M)
Ref.: Herbst, 1955 c (p.214, Descr.F, figs.F); Gonzalez & Bowman, 1965 (p.271, Rem); Björnberg, 1972 (p.85, figs.N, Rem.); Fonseca & Björnberg, 1975 (1976) (p.130); Fanta, 1976 (p.205, figs. N); Fonseca & Almeida Prado, 1979 (p.1); 1979 a (p.17); Shuvalov, 1980 (p.158, figs.F); Reid, 1985 a (p.27, figs.F, Rem.); Sazhina, 1985 (p.87, figs.N); Rocha, 1986 (p.96: Rem.)
Loc: Brésil (Estuaires, mangroves), non Inde S (Cochin) (in Wellershaus, 1970)
Lg.: (652) F: 0,6-0,54; M: 0,56-0,5
Rem.: saumâtre. Cf.: Oithona hebes

Oithona ovata    Lindberg, 1950   (F)
Ref.: Lindberg, 1950 e (p.261, figs.F); Shuvalov, 1980 (p.149, figs.F); Nishida, 1985 a (p.21, 29, Rem.)
Loc: Madras
Rem.: Cf. Oithona attenuata

[29] Oithona pacifica  (Nishida, 1985)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[30] Oithona parvula  (Farran, 1908)   (F)    [Figs]

Oithona pelagica    Farran, 1908   (F)
Ref.: Farran, 1908 a (p.501, Descr.F); 1913 a (p.182, Rem.); 1926 (p.295, Rem.); Sewell, 1948 (p.483)
Loc: Irlande SW
Rem.: Cf. Oithona setigera

[31] Oithona plumifera  Baird, 1843   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona plumifera atlantica    Früchtl, 1923   
Ref.: Früchtl, 1923 a (p.141); Nishida, 1985 (p.70, 71); Kovalev & Shmeleva, 1982 (p.85)
Rem.: Cf. Oithona atlantica

Oithona plumosa    Lindberg, 1950   (F)
Ref.: Lindberg, 1950 e (p.265, figs.F, Rem.); Shuvalov, 1980 (p.152, figs.F); Nishida, 1985 (p.52, Rem.)
Loc: Inde (off Madras)
Lg.: (761) F: 0,608-0,546
Rem.: Cf. Oithona nana

Oithona plumosa pseudoplumosa    Lindberg, 1950   (F)
Ref.: Lindberg, 1950 e (p.265, figs.F); Nishida, 1985 (p.52, Rem.)
Rem.: Cf. Oithona nana

[32] Oithona pseudofrigida  Rosendorn, 1917   (F)    [Figs]

Oithona pygmaea    Boeck, 1865   
Ref.: Sars, 1900 (p.119 comme Oithona helgolandica )
Loc: Arch. de Nouvelle-Sibérie
Rem.: Cf. Oithona similis

[33] Oithona pseudovivida  Shuvalov, 1980   (F)    [Figs]

[34] Oithona pulla  (Farran, 1913)   (F,M)    [Figs]

[35] Oithona robertsoni  McKinnon, 2000   (F,M)    [Figs]

[36] Oithona robusta  Giesbrecht, 1891   (F,M)    [Figs]

[37] Oithona rostralis  Nishida, Tanaka & Omori, 1977   (F)    [Figs]

[38] Oithona sapucaiae  Oliveira, 1945   (F,M)

[39] Oithona setigera  (Dana, 1849)   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona setigera pelagica    Nishida, Tanaka & Omori, 1977   (F)
Syn.: Oithona pelagica Farran, 1908 a (p.501)
Ref.: Nishida & al., 1977 (p.148, figs.F, Rem.); Lapernat, 1999 (p.29)
Lg.: (155) F: 1,9-1,15; (340) F: 1,4-1,3; 0,9
Rem.: 1500-2000 m (off Malte)

Oithona setigera typica    Nishida, Tanaka & Omori, 1977   (F)
Ref.: Nishida & al., 1977 (p.147, figs.F, Rem.); Nishida, 1985 a (p.82,figs.F)
Lg.: (155) F: 1,73-1,65

[40] Oithona similis-Group  Claus, 1866   (F,M)    [Figs]

[41] Oithona simplex  Farran, 1913   (F,M)    [Figs]

Oithona simplex quinquesetosa    Früchtl, 1923   (M)
Ref.: Früchtl, 1923 (p.455); 1924 b (p.74); Sewell, 1948 (p.377)
Loc: Is. Aru

Oithona simplex Form typical (short form)    Nishida, 1985   (F,M)
Ref.: Nishida, 1985 a (p.91, figs.F,M: petite forme)
Loc: Indien N, G. Arabe
Lg.: (627) F: 0,39-0,36; M: 0,41-0,39

Oithona simplex Long form    Nishida, 1985   (F)
Ref.: Nishida, 1985 a (p.96, Descr.F, figs.F: grande forme)
Lg.: (627) F: 0,4-0,38

Oithona sinensis    Burckhardt, 1912   
Ref.: Burckhardt, 1912 (p.726); Shuvalov, 1980 (p.187, figs.F)
Rem.: Cf. Limnoithona sinensis

Oithona spinifrons    Boeck, 1865   (F,M)
Ref.: Brady, 1878 (p.90, figs.F,M); Thompson & Scott, 1903 (p.236, 255); Rosendorn, 1917 (p.26, Rem.); Sars, 1918 (p.8, Rem.)
Loc: Is. Britanniques, Mer Rouge, Ceylan
Rem.: Cf. Oithona similis

Oithona spinirostris    Claus, 1863   (F,M)
Syn.: non Oithona spinirostris : Sars, 1913 (1918) (p.6, figs.F,M); ? Wilson, 1932 (p.49); Chahsavar-Archad & Razouls, 1982 (p.38)
Ref.: Claus, 1863 (p.105, figs.F); Wilson, 1932 a (p.312, figs.F,M); 1942 a (p.197: Rem.); Lysholm & al., 1945 (p.42, Rem.); Sewell, 1947 (p.255: Rem.); C.B. Wilson, 1950 (p.271); ? Carvalho, 1952 a (p.166, figs.F); Deevey, 1960 (tab.II); ? Fagetti, 1962 (p.39); Kasturirangan, 1963 (p.75, 77); Martin, 1965 (p.188); Shih & al., 1971 (p.56, Rem., 156, 215); Peterson & Miller, 1975 (p.650); Nishida & al., 1977 (p.126, 128, Rem.); Gardner & Szabo, 1982 (p.110, figs.F,M); Mackas & Sefton, 1982 (p.1179); Groendahl & Hernroth, 1986 (tab.1); Gislason & Astthorsson, 2004 (p.472, tab.1)
Rem.: Certaines confusions existent dans la littérature entre cette espèce, Oithona atlantica, O. plumifera et O. setigera (voir in Nishida, 1985 a, p.85). Cf. Oithona setigera

Oithona spinulosa    Lindberg, 1947   (F)
Ref.: Lindberg, 1947 a (p.129, Descr.F, figs.F); 1950 e (p.259, Descr.F, figs.F); Herbst, 1964 (p.156, Rem.); Shuvalov, 1980 (p.143, figs.F); Ferrari, 1981 (p.1246, figs.F,M, p.1255: Rem.); Nishida & Ferrari, 1983 (p.71-74, Rem.); 1986 (p.914)
Loc: Inde (off Madras)
Lg.: (271) F: 0,741-0,646; (798) F: 0,64-0,57; M: 0,57-0,53
Rem.: Cf. Oithona brevicornis. Voir remarque in Al-Yamani & Prusova (2003, p.105)

[42] Oithona tenuis  Rosendorn, 1917   (F)    [Figs]

Oithona tropica    Wolfenden, 1905   (F)
Ref.: Wolfenden, 1905 (1906) (p.1023, figs.F); Farran, 1913 a (p.182, Rem.)
Loc: Laquedives
Rem.: Cf. Oithona setigera

[43] Oithona vivida  Farran, 1913   (F)    [Figs]

[44] Oithona wellershausi  Ferrari, 1981   (F,M)    [Figs]

[45] Oithona sp.  Al-Yamani & Prusova, 2003   (F,M)    [Figs]

[46] Oithona sp.1  Ferrari & Bowman, 1980   (F)    [Figs]

[47] Oithona sp.2  Ferrari & Bowman, 1980   (M)    [Figs]

Oithona sp.    Huys & Boxshall, 1991   (F)
Ref.: Huys & Boxshall, 1991 (p.442)
Loc: Is. du Cap Vert
Lg.: ?

[48] Oithona sp.  Nishida, 1985   (F)    [Figs]

[49] Oithona sp.  Unterüberbacher, 1964   (F)    [Figs]

[50] Oithona sp.  Wend-Heckmann, 2013       [Figs]
Oithonina Sars, 1913
Rem.: Cf. Oithona

Paroithona Farran, 1908
Rem.: Cf. Oithona
Paroithona flemingeri    Ferrari & Bowman, 1980   (F)
Paroithona pacifica    Nishida, 1985   (F,M)
Paroithona parvula    Farran, 1908   (F)
Paroithona pulla    Farran, 1913   (F,M)

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