Species Card of Copepod
Calanoida ( Order )
    Diaptomoidea ( Superfamily )
        Pontellidae ( Family )
            Labidocera ( Genus )
Labidocera farrani  Greenwood & Othman, 1979   (F,M)
Syn.: Labidocera sp. (M) Farran, 1936 a (p.116, figs.M);
L. detruncata : Dakin & Colefax, 1933 (p.206);
L. detruncatum : Dakin & Colefax, 1940 (var. de Sydney) (p.103, part. figs.F,M);
Labidocera sp. Greenwood, 1979 (p.103)
Greenwood & Othman, 1979 (p.231, 237, figs.F,M); Kimmerer & al., 1985 (p.428); Bradford-Grieve, 1999 b (p.192, figs.F,M, Rem., figs.184, 194); Mulyadi, 2014 (p.1629, Table II)
Species Labidocera farrani - Plate 1 of morphological figuresissued from : J.G. Greenwood in Proc. R. Soc. Qd, 1979, 90. [p.104, Fig.8]. As Labidocera sp.
Female (from Moreton Bay, E Australia): a, habitus (dorsal); b, idem (lateral right side); c, urosome (dorsal); d, posterior metasome and urosome (lateral right side); e, P5; f, g, detail of left and right P5.

Species Labidocera farrani - Plate 2 of morphological figuresissued from : J.G. Greenwood & B.H.R. Othman in J. Plankton Res., 1979, 1 (3). [p.233, Fig.2].
Female (G. of Carpentaria): A, habitus (lateral right side); B, posterior metasomal border and urosome (dorsal); C, idem (lateral right side); D, rostrum; E, F, Md (medial and lateral surfaces of masticatory edge); G, P5 (posterior; H, urosome with outline of attached spermatophore and coupler (dorsal).
Nota: The length ratio of the prosome to the urosome is 4.38:1. The dorsal eye-lenses are relatively small and are separated by more than one eye diameter. Urosome small, 3-segmented. Spermatophores were very common; the body of the sperm chamber is mounted dorsally on the urosome posterior to the genital segment.

Species Labidocera farrani - Plate 3 of morphological figuresissued from : J.G. Greenwood & B.H.R. Othman in J. Plankton Res., 1979, 1 (3). [p.232, Fig.1].
Male (from G. of Carpentaria): A, habitus (dorsal); B, idem (lateral right side); C, posterior metasomal border and urosome (dorsal); D, rostrum; E, right A1; F, G, opposite views of right A1 segments 17-21; H, I, Md (medial and lateral surfaces of masticatory edge); J, left P5 (anterior); K, left P5 (detail of terminal segment); L, right P5 (anterior); M, right P5 (chela, semi lateral view showing detail of \"thumb\" and \"finger\").
Nota: The length ratio of the prosome to the urosome is 3.1:1. Head without lateral hooks but with lateral prominence at the bases of the A1. The two dorsal eye-lenses are large and almost contiguous. Urosome 5-segmented (considerable variation was found in the extent to which segments telescoped within those preceding.

Species Labidocera farrani - Plate 4 of morphological figuresIssued from : G.P. Farran in Great Barrier Reef Expedition 1928-1929, Scient. Rep., V, N°3, 1936. [p.117, Fig.20]. As Labidocera sp.
Male: a, habitus (dorsal); b, A1; c, right P5; d, the same (another view); e, left P5; f, terminal segment of same.

Species Labidocera farrani - Plate 5 of morphological figuresissued from : J.G. Greenwood & B.H.R. Othman in J. Plankton Res., 1979, 1 (1). [p.237]
Characters in L. farrani compared with other species within the super-species detruncata (see L. cervi, L. tasmanica, L. caudata, L. detruncata, L. pavo, L. bataviae, L. madurae and L. sinolobata, with reference sources).

Species Labidocera farrani - Plate 6 of morphological figuresIssued from : Mulyadi in Crustaceana, 2014, 87 (14). [p.1630, Table II].
Characteristic features of L. farrani compared with five species in the sub-groups in Indo-Australian region.
Compare with L. cervi, sinilobata, kaimanaensis and detruncata

Compl. Ref.:
Othman & al., 1990 (p.561, 564, Table 1)
NZ: 3

Distribution map of Labidocera farrani by geographical zones
Australia (Shark Bay, Sydney, Moreton Bay, Great Barrier Reef, G. of Carpentaria)
N: 7
(34) M: 3,18-3,12; (104) F: 3,5; M: 2,8; (106) F: 3,22-2,82; M: 2,96-2,59; {F: 2,82-3,50; M: 2,59-2,96}
Rem.: epipelagic, neritic.
For Greenwood & Othman (1979, p.236) there is no doubt that Farran's (1936) Labidocera sp. male is conspecific with the species L. farrani described by the authors.
This species belongs to the L. detruncatagroup (Fleminger, 1967).
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